Using re•cognition to Drive Smarter Customer Communications and Frequency

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In an increasingly customer-centric world, many brands are trying to determine how to communicate with their customers in a way that will drive visit frequency, and ultimately sales, for their business. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using an analytics platform to measure and analyze past purchase history to guide the consumer communications you send. A survey of senior US decision makers conducted in 2018 found that big data and analytics were listed as the most important emerging technology for enhancing the customer experience, cited by 63% of the respondents. Yet, how many of those are actively using customer purchase data in their day-to-day operations?

Most brands don’t take advantage of the plethora of customer data sitting at their fingertips after each customer purchase. Fragmented POS systems and data reporting structures are a common cause of this oversight, but often brands are simply unsure of the specific outcomes they are hoping to achieve with their data – leaving significant value untouched.

Up First – Understanding Your Customers

Having superior customer communications is important for marketers, as it’s one of the main ways brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors and drive additional frequency. The first step in sending the best possible customer communication is gathering the kind of customer data that helps you to truly understand who your customers are. The analytics engine behind re•currency, re•cognition, is a learning machine that analyzes basket-level customer data collected via re•capture from your point-of-sale (POS) system. re•cognition opens the door to building positive relationships by understanding customer preferences and habits.

Regardless of the data capture and analytics platform you use (though we’re a little partial to re•cognition), brands can begin to create customer profiles that allow for repeatable and effective marketing campaigns. These include information such as purchase history, location, and patterns such as whether they are influenced by seasonal trends or time of day. These profiles can be built through a method of data and marketing that we like to call the Three Dimensions of Personalization.

Acting on Your Data and Sending Smarter Messages

In today’s age, it is becoming more and more commonplace to simply gather data en masse, and hope that it drives customer frequency for you. But even unique, in-depth customer profile information is useless unless you can use it to produce better business decisions. Our re•currency platform is a suite of tools that inform each other for better results, and more personalized communications, over time:


re•ach communicates with your customers in the place they’re most likely to hear you as they go about their busy lives – the phone in their pocket. Targeted message-based communications can reach your customers at the ideal time, offering them a sweet deal they can take advantage of on their lunch hour, reminding them about your mouth watering burgers, or making them aware of new product announcements. re•ach campaigns are informed by re•cognition based insights. It’s all about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


We are firm believers that every transaction is an opportunity to create another, and that the customer relationship shouldn’t end at the checkout counter. Our re•ceipt solution starts the conversation with your customers while they are still in your store, and increases customer visit frequency by giving them personalized print or digital messages with unique incentives to come back. re•ceipt not only prints the contents of each transaction but includes anything else you many want to communicate to engage with your customers – including offers, partnered advertisements, nutritional information, and much more.

Building lasting relationships with your customers by showing them you understand and remember their preferences is the first step to driving customer frequency in your business. Re•cognition helps you do just that while informing your marketing campaigns for years to come.

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