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Brooke Sherrill

Why Wait To Get Smart

Why wait to make your business smart?

By Brooke Sherrill March 21, 2018 No Comments

Business owners are always in need of the best tools to make their location profitable. Measuring success seems simple: consistently strong or increased sales, satisfied customers that return frequently, and engaged employees who support both. Businesses that have mastered those “Big Three” are generally successful and, as a result, often postpone plans for transaction data…

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Loyalty Sucks

By Brooke Sherrill November 27, 2017 No Comments

In today’s competitive business environment, cost cutting and streamlining your processes are crucial for survival. There’s one element of your business strategy that you could be overlooking as a drain on your bottom line – your loyalty program. Chances are you’ve got a traditional loyalty program. Unfortunately, traditional loyalty sucks. Here’s why. The Most Common…

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Solving the Attribution Fallacy

By Brooke Sherrill June 23, 2017 One Comment

It’s nice to know what causes a particular outcome or event. Being able to identify causality informs our decisions; the pain of fire burning your skin is a lesson you only need to learn once before you decide to avoid touching it again. Unfortunately, most marketing programs aren’t as simple to understand – and knowing…

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Shopping in the Digital Age

Shopping in the Digital Age

By Brooke Sherrill June 15, 2017 No Comments

Why the best new browsing buddy is your device. If you’ve been out on a shopping spree recently, you might have noticed that most people almost never shop alone anymore. Whether they have a group of friends with them, or they’re out on a family trip, customers seem to always be accompanied by their trusty…

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