5 Things Millennials Love About Loyalty Programs

Written on November 12, 2018


Millennials. Yeah, we said it. You can roll your eyes but please be aware that pageviews just went up because we included it in our headline and lede paragraph. When it comes to targeting consumer groups, millennials should be your primary focus, especially if you own a business. Our friends at Software Advice, who work with buyers and build a shortlist of restaurant POS systems, conducted research on the customer loyalty preferences for this generation and their buying habits at restaurants. The data they’ve collected should guide you in choosing the best loyalty solution for your business so that your most valuable customers will come back more often.

Millennials love discounts

With a program like Belly, you can easily set up rewards that offer discounts. They can be specific to certain items (“Get 50% Off Any Side With Your Pizza”) or the entire order (“Take 25% Off Of Today’s Order!”). Give your customers options to choose from too – they’ll appreciate it instead of feeling pigeonholed into just one discount offer.

Millennials love a good deal

Having grown up in the age of Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday discounts and Groupon deals, millennials are accustomed to getting the biggest bang for their buck. Plus, they’re really good at scouring the ‘net for incredible ways to make their dollars go the distance. This same mentality applies to how they perceive loyalty programs. If they aren’t digging your rewards or if it requires too many visits to actually get the rewards you’re offering, millennials will drop your program like it’s been baked with gluten. So how can you ensure that your rewards are what your young customers want? Simply send them a survey or solicit feedback on your Facebook page. Millennials love sharing their opinions, especially if they know that they’re influencing change.

Millennials love instant gratification

According to the data collected by Software Advice, 51% of millennials will remain with loyalty programs if they can quickly reap the benefits. At Belly, we employ the Theory of Goal Gradient to keep our Members engaged. After a customer’s first visit at a business, they’ll receive a “First Visit Boost” and earn triple Belly Points (15 points) instead of the standard 5 points. This way, they’re even closer to earning that first reward which has been scientifically proven to prompt the customer to return even sooner.

Millennials love their phones

Come to think of it, “love” might not be a strong enough word for millennials’ relationships with their phones. “Depend on”, “are obsessed with”, “wouldn’t know how to get across town without” seem more accurate, right? At Belly, we’ve put a lot of resources into designing a world-class consumer app so that every Belly Member can have a wonderful mobile experience. Members can check in through their app and find other places to Belly right in their neighborhood. The mobile app makes it so easy to integrate Belly into every aspect of a consumer’s daily life. And for your customers who might not be ready to go totally mobile, Belly does offer a physical BellyCard keytag so that every customer can join your loyalty program.

Millennials love more info

Millennials are information sponges. If we can absorb more details, we will (remember pressing “1 for more options” every time you left someone a voice message?). Give your customers the insights they’re craving by packing your loyalty app with everything they want to know. Within the Belly app, Members can view the loyalty programs they’ve joined, track how close they are to certain rewards, and find other Belly Businesses in the area. By ensuring that our app is easy to navigate, we are confident that millennials will use it to earn points at the businesses they love.

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