Texting Customers: How Do I Get Opt-Ins?

Written on June 22, 2020

Creating a text club to reach customers? Here’s how to motivate them to join your text offers club

Texting Opt Ins

Maybe you've just launched a text message program to reach customers, or are thinking about doing it. Good idea, especially as you reopen your retail location(s) after being shut down due to COVID restrictions. However, in order to get value from a text program, your customers must opt-in to the text club to begin receiving your messages (even if they’ve already opted in to get your emails).  That may seem like a big hurdle, but it’s actually easier than you might think.

Here are 5 ways to reach out to your business’ fans and secure that participation.

Five ways to generate opt-ins for business-to-customer texting

Method #1 — Maximize Your Physical Locations Method 1 - maximize Physical Locations

With customers finally returning to your business, use your bricks and mortar presence to promote your text club by printing opt-in message cards, table tents, window clings, and outdoor signage to help you build your text messaging opt-in recipients list. Use these broadly to create awareness and interest.

Tip:  If you choose us for your text messaging program, we provide the initial set of business cards at no cost to help you get started.  Ask your Client Success Manager for details.

Method #2 — Digitally Promote Your Text Club Opt-inMethod 2 - Digitally Promote Your Text Club Opt-in

Add an SMS opt-in call-to-action for your text club wherever you promote your business online. This includes email, your website, and any social media platforms where your business has a presence. This is a quick and easy way to grow your opt-in list, especially since customers who spend their time online or on their mobile device are the ones most likely to be receptive to being a part of your text club.

Method #3 — Team Up with Your Text Club Opt-in Message

Train your team members to start the conversation. Their enthusiasm about your text club is an engaging and effective way to quickly build your opt-in list. When your customers are engaging with your staff, you’ve got a captive audience! Consider providing an incentive to your team members, such as an Amazon gift certificate to the team member with the most text club sign-ins each month.

Tip: Be sure to have your employees opt in so they can see firsthand how it works and the messages you are sending out.

Method #4 — Encourage Guest Sharing of Your Text Club Promotion

To reach a broader audience, phrases like “Fwd2Friends,” or “Bring Your Friends” remind recipients to share your text club sign-up message, extending your reach and growing your opt-in list.

Tip: If you use redeemable offers with our SMS Messaging platform, each offer also has a Refer a Friend option. You can set that up in the Messaging dashboard and even offer an incentive for people to refer their friends to the program.

Method #5 — Promote Your Text Club with Your Bag!

If your business puts the customer’s order into a bag, consider including a message card about your text club, with instructions on how they can opt in for it. Bag-based promotions works if you do your own delivery or offer carry out. In fact, even if you are a restaurant with table service, you can attach an opt-in message card  to their receipt.

Bonus tip — Give Them a Solid Reason to Opt In!

Even your most loyal customers will be hesitant to opt in if they don’t see a clear "WIIFM" (what's in it for me?) reason to do so. So, give them a reason! Examples:

  • Remind them that opting in gives them access to offers or promotions exclusive to text club members. (Just be sure to create offers unique to the text club and not available through your other channels.)
  • Give them a compelling incentive to join. For example, a restaurant may offer a free item with registration (e.g., free fries, free appetizer). The greater the value you offer, the more people you’ll enroll. And since people participating in text message programs have been proven to spend as much as 20% more and visit 20% more frequently than non-members, it’s worth it to offer a free entrée or service to get customers to enroll.

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