Toss Pizza Like The Pros At Addeos

Written on September 10, 2019


As the saying goes, “Love fades but pizza is forever.” We may have made that up but we’re confident that the Belly Members at Addeo’s Riverdale Pizza agree. This Bronx pizza parlor may be known for its tasty pies but its unique Belly Rewards have become the talk of the town. After saving up his Belly Points for over 2 years, Belly Member Gregg J. was finally able to redeem the reward he’d had his eye on: Learn How To Toss Pizza Like The Pros. Gregg and his daughter Lauren spent the day with Laurence Addeo himself to learn the art of making pizza.

As a lover of pizza, especially Addeo's pizza, I was thrilled to learn they have a rewards program through Belly – a simple to use rewards program. To get rewards for doing something that I love (eating pizza) was a win for me. All I have to do is scan my card or use my cell phone and I get reward points.

Addeo was even more excited to learn of the rewards Addeo’s offers: a free slice, a free specialty pie and the grand prize – learn how to make pizza. Wow – what a great idea. Within a few months, I had earned enough points to get a specialty pie; it was tempting (because I love Addeo's pizza) but in the back of my mind I was thinking how great it would be to learn how to make pizza. Then it hit me. I could share the experience with my daughter Lauren, who loves to cook and bake. She too loves pizza – it runs in the family.

Within a matter of a few more months, I was close to my goal. It was so exciting. Each time I would go to Addeo's, the staff would ask me how many more points I needed – they were so excited to see me each time I came in. When I hit the goal, I surprised my daughter with the gift of learning how to make pizza at Addeo's.

Laurence (the owner of Addeo's ) and the entire staff went all out. Laurence asked us to come in on a Sunday morning and spent 3 hours with us. It was truly an amazing experience. We discovered how the dough and the special blend of cheeses and sauce (that's what makes Addeo's pizza amazing) are made. We learned how to knead the dough, toss the dough and the art of putting a pizza in the oven. And wow,was it hot in front of that oven! I truly have a great respect for pizza makers! It really is an art – they make it look so easy when it’s not.

Thanks to Laurence and Belly. It was so much fun. We made 6 different types of pies and of course the best part was getting to eat pizza that my daughter made. In fact, I am proud to report I am more than halfway to earning enough points to getting another pizza lesson at Addeo's!

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