Reach Guests on the Channel They Use Most

Constantly morphing coronavirus business restrictions make it more important than ever to have fast and effective communications with your guests, whether to let them know how they can do business with you or to make a compelling offer to bring them back in. But how can you get the attention of customers when they have their attention glued to their cell phones, not to your amazing store signage or email campaign or ad banners?

The key to surviving and thriving as a brand in a digitally distracted, COVID-affected world is to use, rather than compete with, the distraction of the mobile device.

Download this quick-read visual guide to see how, with real-world examples from top brands


  • How mobile messaging drives digital engagement
  • How to use messaging to boost app downloads, plus email subscriber enrollments
  • Five mobile messaging strategies used by top brands to reach customers
  • Which tools brands are using to launch and operate their mobile messaging campaign
  • How to get started with your own mobile messaging campaign

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