COVID-19 Solutions

Business strategies for responding nimbly and proactively to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Refer back often to this page for tips to help your business rapidly and appropriately adjust your sails to stay the course in these uncharted waters of the rapidly morphing COVID–19 situation.

Use Receipts to Fulfill Gift Cards

This gift card alternative reduces your risks, simplifies reporting, and shrinks fulfillment cost during times of restricted operations.

Maintain Guest Connection

How to use printed and personalized offers on your receipts or other bag inserts to engage with customers despite current in-store limitations.

Reach Guests Fast

How to use Recurrency™ for ad hoc customer communications - Get the word out fast when changing offers, hours, delivery options, closures, etc.

Inform Staff Rapidly

Read why mobile messaging works best for ad hoc employee communications, and get guidance on implementing it via Recurrency.

How Mobivity is Mobilizing

Learn how Mobivity is adapting during the coronavirus outbreak to help you and your customers use our platform, tools and services.