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Closing the Loop with Complete Attribution

Dynamic Offers & Promotions that deliver a fully closed-loop attribution to your marketing, at scale.

Closing the Loop on Offer and Promotion Delivery

Recurrency Offers & Promotions are fully attributable turn-and-burn codes that help you deliver trackable offers across any channel, measuring promotion results in real-time.

Measuring Everything

From digital first initiatives like email and mobile messaging campaigns, to traditional print campaigns like FSI drops, track the value each campaign delivers to your business with single-use codes.

Preventing Fraud

Reach your customers where they are while preventing multiple redemptions by tracking redeemable offers and promotions with one-time use codes that are burned after redemption directly at the point-of-sale.

Full-Funnel Optimization

See the effect each marketing campaign has on customer frequency and spend, allowing you to fully optimize your campaigns, causing your marketing budget go even further than ever before.

Start Measuring Every Marketing Dollar You Spend with Fully Attributable Offers & Promotions Today