Capture, Store, Normalize.

Store transactional POS data in a single location, regardless of what type of POS system your brand uses.

Dashboard View of Belly Card Loyalty


Unlock transactional details to analyze and improve your marketing strategies.


Start collecting data into a single, easily accessible database on any POS.


Take action on your insights by integrating with the entire Recurrency suite.

Every Customer, Every Time

The transactional data gathered through Recapture allows you to use Recognition to gain unique insights and create more effective and flexible marketing campaigns that drive customer frequency, through messages sent via Reach and printed via Receipt.

Compatible and Secure

Our patented technology is compatible with most POS systems and installs easily to provide a simple and cost-effective data solution. Why wait for smarter POS systems when you can transform the way you interact with your current hardware solutions.

Putting Data to Work

The data stream gathered from Recapture's POS integration provides the rest of the Recurrency suite with the knowledge it needs to intelligently identify trends for you to capitalize on. But to define those insights, you need the power of human data scientists to spot your opportunities for growth.