Communicate in Life

re•ach enables you to send intelligent and personalized communication based on past buying behavior and trends identified through re•ceipt and re•cognition

What Are re•ach Offers?

re•ach offers are intelligent and personalized messages sent to customers through marketing channels that connect with them most, like text messaging and Facebook Messenger.

Unifying Your Data

Dig deep into sales data, at the transactional and basket level, and discover the trends and patterns of how your customers interact with your business.

Expand re•ach with Refer-a-Friend

Our simple and cost-effective solution for growing your opt-in database exists right within re•ach! Reward your most loyal customers while growing your audience through a viral outreach program.

Coming Soon!

Using Data to Understand, Predict, and Influence

Create more connections with your customers who want to hear from you the most through the channels they prefer.

Gain more knowledge about your customers and their preferences by tracking redemption data and predicting offer effectiveness over time.

Send offers enabled by real-time basket-level POS data through re•ceipt and re•cognituon.

re•ach users can employ transaction-level data to recommend better, more intelligent offers that influence customer behavior.

Send personalized offers that accelerate business growth through data, machine learning, and personal messaging.