Upgrade Your Transactions

re•ceipt works with data gathered at the point-of-sale (POS) by re•capture to reformat transaction details, and print enriched receipts that provide your customers with personalized offers and messages related directly to their transaction.

More Than Just a Receipt

re•ceipt is a unique application that unlocks the power of sales data to create relevant and timely customer messages and offers.

Real World, Real Results

Learn How re•ceipt Generated Over $200,000 in Attributable Revenue for Smashburger in the First 45 Days

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Transforming Receipts into a Content Delivery Platform

Deliver Offers

Print targeted offers that drive business when and where you want it with dynamic location validity and expiration dates.

Print Ads

Utilize our third-party ad network, or work with your partner brands, to capitalize on valuable receipt real estate.

Nutrition Facts

Go beyond federal nutrition regulation standards by providing the nutritional information your customers want directly on their receipts.

And Beyond

From keeping your employees informed to educating customers on the history of your brand, ensure that your message is always seen.

Get More From Your Receipts

Use transaction data from re•capture to dynamically print more relevant offers to influence customer behavior.

Create more effective offers by staying in control of which messages are promoted and the length of time they’re available.

Gain more insight into your success with the integration of re•ceipt with re•cognition and the rest of the re•currency platform.

Enjoy compatibility with most POS systems, and easy installation for a cost-effective marketing solution.