Transform How You Use Data

re•cognition is a POS agnostic and comprehensive data platform, coupled with the power of human data scientists, to identify, evaluate, and predict events in your business while providing insight on the information that matters to you.

Unifying Your Data

Dig deep into sales data, at the transactional and basket level, and discover the trends and patterns of how your customers interact with your business.

A More Human Approach to Reporting

Use data streams aggregated across your entire brand network, to measure the direct effect that your marketing efforts have on your bottom line in real-time.

Using Data to Understand, Predict, and Influence

re•cognition gives you easy-to-read, real-time data, allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions.

Our solution is a straightforward, POS-agnostic approach that is built for scale, and allows you to capture data regardless of what systems you use.

Gaining access to your data has never been easier. re•cognition is accessible from anywhere and is built for sharing data with anyone you choose.

re•cognition shows you the whole picture, by identifying sales trends from re•ceipt data-capture, and allows you to act on them at any time through marketing channels like re•ach.