Maintaining Guest Connections in a Takeout & Delivery World

Your depot for digital strategies and best practices for restoring restaurant customer relationships weakened by COVID-related business restrictions.

The pandemic and its often-changing operational rules for restaurants is keeping us all on our toes. Traditional ways of connecting with guests are suddenly not working well. Guests and restaurants are going to digital communications channels to do business with restaurants. Only the most fleet-footed businesses can survive and thrive in this turbulent environment. To help you navigate the changes your restaurants must now act upon to retain and improve guest connections, we've assembled here a bevy of resources (articles, videos, case studies, white papers) to help.

How to Reconnect with Guests Using SMS Marketing

Thrive SMS Video

In this video, renowned speaker and author Jamie Turner shows how and why most leading restaurant brands are regularly texting with guests to strengthen connections and drive return visits. Jamie's five SMS marketing guidelines include best practices for engaging your restaurant guests with the most-used app on their mobile phones.


Field-Tested Digital Marketing Tactics: Which Ones Worked

With guests forced into off-premise dining as their only or best option, restaurants’ traditional ad channels often falter. But restaurants using digital engagement strategies, such as SMS Marketing, are proving that digital connection strategies work.

Learn why email marketing can be less effective for driving higher engagement and bounce-back visits.

Start Using SMS Marketing at Your Stores

Mobivity's Unified Mobile Messaging™ is the killer app for driving digital engagement for restaurants in a post-COVID world. Get SMS  marketing for your restaurants today!

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How a Brand is Achieving 500 Percent Return on Marketing Spend

Papa Gino’s has found mobile messaging to be a key marketing component. Read the article from QSR Magazine.


Mobile Messaging's 98-Percent Open Rate Helped This Chain Survive the Pandemic

How mobile messaging helped Roundtable Pizza before and during the pandemic. Read the article from FSR Magazine.

How to Replace Old-Fashioned Loyalty Cards with a Digital Loyalty Program.

Did you know that loyalty members spend 5%-20% more than non-members? Learn how to upgrade your “frequent buyer” punch cards with an intelligent, data-driven digital loyalty system that can drive revenue and cultivate raving fans.


Survive&Thrive LOYALTY
Learn how smart restaurants are finding success with new loyalty-building strategies.