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How Mobile Games Are Helping Grow Restaurant Loyalty Programs

HOSPITALITY TECHNOLOGY: Many restaurant marketers have created loyalty programs to help drive customer frequency, retention, and lifetime value. However, some of the biggest challenges with loyalty programs are improving engagement and acquiring new customers from the program. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, Convenience, C-Store, Mobile Ad, Customer Acquisition • 07/20/2023

Global Convenience Brand Taps Mobivity’s Connected Rewards to Acquire 158,000 Digital Consumers in 45 Days Through Mobile Games

C-STORE DIVE: Using Mobivity’s Connected Rewards, a global C-Store brand was able to leverage its owned media to promote various casual mobile games while Mobivity’s reach to more than 200 million highly receptive mobile gamers provided reciprocal advertising to promote the brand’s digital programs. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, Convenience, C-Store, Mobile Ad, Customer Acquisition • 07/12/2023

Zero-Cost Media with In-Brand and In-Game Advertising Enhances Mobivity's Connected Rewards Marketplace

RESTAURANT DIVE: Brands join Mobivity’s Connected Rewards Marketplace to promote downloads of popular mobile games in their owned channels with a brand reward as the incentive. In return, for every media impression offered in the brand’s channels, the Connected Rewards Marketplace will match the same number of media impressions to mobile game publishers, developers, and ad networks. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, Zero-Cost Media, Mobile Ad, Mobile App Developers • 04/21/2023

Mobivity Enhances Connected Rewards Solution with Zero-Cost Media Offering for Brands

MARTECH SERIES: As both restaurant brands and game developers are facing increased budget pressure with rising competition and costs for limited audience targeting, Mobivity’s Connected Rewards enhancement is bringing much-needed relief to the two markets with its zero-cost media exchange of in-brand for in-game advertising. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, Zero-Cost Media, Mobile Ad, Mobile App Developers • 04/17/2023

Mobivity & P97 Networks Partner to Bring Fuel Savings to Gamers

CONVENIENCE STORE NEWS: Mobivity is integrating its cloud-based Connected Rewards™ into P97's mobile commerce platform allowing members to integrate fully customized fuel rewards into their smartphone application redeemable across P97's network of more than 65,000 convenience store and fuel brands globally. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, Fuel Rewards, Mobile Ad, Mobile App Developers • 09/29/2022

Mobivity Appoints Mobile Gaming Industry Veteran as CRO to Fuel Next Stage of Growth

MARTECH SERIES: Following Successful Release of Mobivity’s Connected Rewards Technology, Mobile Ad and Gaming Executive Kim Carlson Joins Mobivity to Accelerate Market Adoption Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, User Acquisition, Mobile Ad, Mobile App Developers • 09/22/2022

New Connected Rewards Technology Delivers Breakthrough User Acquisition Channel for Mobile Game Marketers

MARKETING DIVE: Mobivity is leveraging its reach into millions of consumers who frequent major restaurant, fuel and convenience store brands to help mobile game app marketers acquire and retain users by delivering real-world rewards to incentivize acquisition or in-game behavior. Read more...

Connected Rewards, Mobile Games, User Acquisition, Mobile App Developers • 09/12/2022

United Dairy Farmers Launches Text Message Marketing Program

Convenience Store News: United Dairy Farmers (UDF) is launching a text club across its 177-store network in partnership with Mobivity. "This technology will allow us to grow our U-Drive loyalty program, making it fast and simple for customers to join, and allow us to communicate offers directly to customers who have not yet joined U-Drive." Read more...

Text Message Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Customer Texting • 06/10/2022

Experts Roundup: Critical Insights on Mobile Marketing Trends & Current Demands

"Connecting offline and digital audiences is the holy grail for marketers. And mobile continues to be ripe for the opportunity to do so." In part 2 of Street Fight's Mobile Madness: Expert Roundup, a panel of four industry experts, including Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker, share insights on mobile marketing today and where it's going. 

Text Message Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Customer Texting • 04/27/2022

California Fish Grill Rolls Out Mobivity's SmartMessage

Fast Casual's coverage: California Fish Grill is rolling out our customer texting solution for all 47 of its locations to better connect with their guests. Per Joanna Kan, Director of Marketing: "With consumers so connected to their mobile devices, text messaging was the next logical media channel for us to develop stronger connections with our customers." Read more...

Text message marketing, Mobile Marketing, Customer Texting • 04/27/2022

Mobile Madness: Street Fight's Roundup on Marketing Best Practices

In this roundup, experts on digital marketing and mobile (including our own SVP Marketing Chuck Moxley, author of An Audience of One) weigh in on best practices for one of digital marketing’s most important devices: the mobile phone.  

Text message marketing, mobile marketing, Street Fight Mag, • 04/21/2022

Four Ways Text Marketing Helps C-store Operators Attract Customers & Boost Revenue

Worth reading: Convenience Store News article explains four specific strategies convenience store operators are leveraging to successfully employ text message marketing to attract new guests and boost revenue

Text message marketing, convenience store marketing, Convenience Store News • 03/17/2022

Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing

Just as restaurants struggle to find sure footing after pandemic restrictions, they are getting knocked down again, this time by supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages. To ensure brand survival, restaurant marketers must try new strategies and broaden their thinking about customer relationships. In this Modern Restaurant Management article, CEO Dennis Becker predicts those 2022 restaurant marketer success strategies.

Mobile Gaming, Supply Chain, Staffing Shortages, Affinity Marketing • 03/11/2022

Can restaurant marketers get digital right while facing panoply of pressures?

With 2022's expected demands on restaurants to deliver digital results, following the 2-prong strategy of McDonald's or Chipotle may be key: zeroing in on first-party data acquisition and forging deeper platform integrations: "...consumers could buy or win a sandwich in a virtual game world and redeem it at a real-world restaurant."

Gaming, First-Party Data, Integrations • 01/18/2022

Why You Should Forget Rewards and Points When It Comes to Loyalty, and What To Focus On Instead

This NRN article shows why text message marketing is radically outperforming more traditional loyalty channels when measured by metrics that matter most to brand marketers: read rates, program retention rates, visit frequency and spend per visit. 

"...what really engenders loyalty; it’s not just about discounts and promotions, but it’s about understanding customer needs, meeting their expectations and building trust."

Chuck Moxley, NRN, QSR, Brand Loyalty • 01/02/2022

Study: Text Works Better Than Email For Restaurants

Using the case study of QSR chain Papa Gino’s and fast-casual chain D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches' text message marketing programs, plus stats from restaurant texting benchmark analysis, MediaPost article reveals texting as substantially outperforming email marketing by several metrics, including subscriber retention, spend per visit rates, and more.

QSR, Text Message Marketing, Papa Gino’s, D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches • 12/23/2021

Text Marketing Helps Brick-and-Mortar Brands Reimagine Digital Interactions

Collecting first-party data has become an urgent priority as brands seek new ways to identify and connect with consumers thanks to moves against third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers.

DestinationCRM • 12/16/2021

How Can Restaurants Excel in Conversational Commerce?

Localogy cites recent text messaging benchmarks to show how "opted-in" consumers are key to higher visit rates (44% greater than non-subscribers), spend (averaging $12.15 more over a six-month period than non-subscribers), and retention rates ( 2x greater than opt-in rates for mobile apps and 3x greater than that of email marketing). 

SMB Marketing, • 12/03/2021

Report: Text Message Subscribers Visit Stores 44% More Frequently

Text message marketing can have a significant positive impact on guest frequency, spend and ROI for restaurants and brick-and-mortar brands, according to a new report from Mobivity Holdings Corp., global provider of personalized guest engagement solutions that drive customer frequency and spend.

Convenience Store News • 11/15/2021

Text Marketing Delivers Massive Lift for Restaurants in 2021

New data from the customer relationship management platform Mobivity shows that text message marketing subscribers visit businesses 44% more frequently than non-subscribers, and once a consumer joins a restaurant’s text messaging program, the guest’s spend increases by 23%.

Street Fight Magazine • 11/10/2021

True Loyalty Rewards for Restaurants Comes Via Texting

Forget loyalty programs—the true measure of customer fealty comes from exchanging text messages. That’s the main point of a multi-year survey of restaurants and patrons by customer relationship management platform Mobivity.

AdWeek • 11/01/2021

STUDY: Text Subscribers Visit Stores 44% More Frequently Than Non-Subscriber

Once a consumer joins a restaurant’s text messaging program, the guest’s spend increases 23%, that's according to Mobivity Holdings Corp.'s 2021 Restaurant Text Marketing Benchmarks Report. The report demonstrates the success and impact of text message marketing programs on guest frequency, spend and ROI for restaurants and brick-and-mortar brands.

Hospitality Technology • 10/29/2021

Research: Guests Who Join a Restaurant’s Text Messaging Program Increase Their Spend by Almost a Quarter

Restaurant guest engagement solution provider Mobivity has released the findings of its “2021 Restaurant Text Marketing Benchmarks Report” which looks at the impact of text message marketing programs on guest frequency, spend and ROI for restaurants and brick and mortar brands.

Restaurant Technology News • 10/20/2021

Mobivity Finds Positive Impact with Text Message Marketing

Looking at its own network data of 15 million subscribers and 500 million transactions from 2018 to 2021, Mobivity found that text message marketing subscribers visit stores 44% more frequently than non-subscribers.

QSR Magazine • 10/20/2021

Best Practices for Restaurant Text Marketers

The pandemic is still causing rapidly changing conditions, making customer text messaging a vital part of omnichannel marketing programs as a vital communication method to alert guests in near real time to changes to hours of operation, delivery, curbside options and more, while ensuring there are layers of protection to keep the effort in compliance with the TCPA.

Dennis Becker, Consent, TCPA, • 10/07/2021

Third-Party Data Issues Make SMS Marketing More Attractive

Despite the mobile revolution, many marketers have remained hesitant about using the text-message/SMS marketing channel. 

MediaPost • 09/23/2021

The Secret Message: Text Your Way to Marketing Success

Use these 10 tips to craft a text marketing strategy that will make opt-in customers feel like true insiders.

PMQ Magazine • 09/15/2021

Why Wingstop’s corporate shakeup is such a game-changer

The move is evidence of brands' awakening to the power of one-to-one marketing.

Nation's Restaurant News • 09/07/2021

Chicken Shack Chooses Mobivity to Fuel Franchise Growth

Mobivity Holdings Corp., a global provider of personalized guest engagement solutions that drive customer frequency and spend, today announced that Chicken Shack, with locations across Nevada, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, has selected Mobivity SmartMessage to help fuel the franchise’s continued growth.

QSR Magazine • 09/01/2021

WaBa Grill Partners with Mobivity to Boost Customer Engagement

WaBa Grill will use the Mobivity SmartMessage platform to boost digital engagement with customers.

Verdict Food Service • 08/26/2021

Expert Roundup: The New Data Arms Race

The biggest forces defining today’s marketing landscape include pandemic-influenced changes on more digitally-focused consumer behavior, and consumer data privacy pressures from Google, Apple, and legislative groups.

StreetFight Magazine • 08/26/2021

WaBa Grill Partners with Mobivity to Expand the Quick Service Restaurant’s Digital Engagement with Customers

WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading healthy rice bowl chains, has selected Mobivity SmartMessage to help extend its digital marketing program and connect with more guests.

Restaurant Technology News • 08/25/2021

Mobivity is Awarded Patent for Technology that Allows Restaurants and Other Businesses to Accept and Track Coupon Redemptions at the Point of Sale

Personalized guest engagement solutions provider Mobivity Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: MFON) has been awarded U.S. Patent 10,949,868 by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for Mobivity’s Trusted Redemption™ technology, which allowing restaurants and other brick and mortar businesses to accurately accept and track omnichannel coupon redemptions at the point of sale (POS) without requiring POS system integration.

Restaurant Technology News • 08/19/2021

Expert Roundup: The Rise of First-Party Data

Brick-and-mortar chains, QSR, restaurants, and retail are all under pressure to more consistently and effectively engage customers digitally. First-party data for brands is now more than ever the golden egg.

StreetFight Magazine • 07/22/2021

How Famous Dave’s is Achieving Nearly 50x Return on SMS Marketing Spend

With a 90-plus percent open rate, text message marketing has given the barbecue brand a new and efficient way of communicating with guests. 

FSR Magazine • 06/24/21

Famous Dave’s Posts 26% Lift in Guest Frequency

Mobivity’s personalized text message marketing drives customer frequency and nearly a 50X return on marketing spend.

Hospitality Technology • 05/19/21

Quick-service chains move visits with mobile marketing

BBQ Holdings, parent company of Famous Dave’s and Granite City Food & Brewery, is supporting its mobile engagement strategy with technology from unified mobile messaging solution provider Mobivity.

Chain Store Age • 05/18/21

Famous Dave's reports 26% increase in customer frequency

BBQ Holdings, which owns Famous Dave's as well as three other restaurant brands, has tapped Mobivity Holdings Corp., to run its mobile engagement programs via a 2-year agreement.

Fast Casual • 05/17/21

Press Release - Mobivity Drives 26% Lift in Guest Frequency for BBQ Holdings’ Famous Dave’s Brand and Announces Expansion to All Granite City Food & Brewery Locations

“Mobivity used its unique experience in building successful text marketing programs for restaurants to help make text messaging our top digital engagement channel that continues to drive meaningful increases in guest frequency and spend,” said Al Hank, Chief Operating Officer at BBQ Holdings.

Mobivity • 05/17/21

A frank talk with Yum's recently retired CEO enthralls in 'Rebounding on Steroids' webinar

Greg Creed led the QSR powerhouse, Yum Brands, for five years and developed some very definite views on what works and what doesn't when it comes to restaurant marketing which he shares in a free, on-demand webinar, "Rebounding on Steroids: Lessons Learned from Former Yum! CEO."

Fast Casual • 05/07/21

QSRs' new Holy Grail: 1st-party data

Two significant events have changed that game for QSRs since the pandemic: the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on QSRs and the recent announcement by Google that they will no longer allow third-party cookies or the targeting of individuals based on browsing history.

Pizza Marketplace • 04/09/21

Press Release - Mobivity Announces 32% Increase in Annual Revenues, Increased Gross Margin, and Continued Addressable Market Expansion in 2020

Dennis Becker, Mobivity Chairman and CEO, commented, “Mobivity delivered a record year of 32% revenue growth and significant bottom-line improvement amidst the global pandemic. Covid restrictions hit the restaurant industry particularly hard."

Mobivity • 03/30/21

Press Release - Mobivity Appoints Hypergrowth SaaS Veteran Al West as Chief Revenue Officer

With more than two decades of experience building, scaling and leading revenue organizations, Al West has joined Mobivity as Chief Revenue Officer to focus on expanding Mobivity’s revenue operations and accelerate growth.

Mobivity • 02/24/21

Restaurant Experts’ 2021 Outlook, Part One

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry experts for their opinions on what we can expect in 2021.  Mobivity's CEO Dennis Becker said "Brands are now realizing they can no longer rely on paid media and traditional methods of communicating with customers. Every restaurant brand is going to be compelled to invest in building more first-party data and media channels they own and control."

Modern Restaurant Management • 12/30/20

Mobivity partners with ParTech to combine POS data with customer engagement

Personalized customer engagement platform, Mobivity, has partnered with POS provider, ParTech Inc. Mobivity is integrating its Recurrency™ platform with PAR Technology’s Brink POS® to deliver insights from POS data.

Mobile Eye • 12/21/20

Mobivity, Par Tech partner to drive digital transformation

"Integrating Mobivity into the industry-leading Brink POS ecosystem helps PAR reinforce its mission by enabling restaurants to provide guests a more engaged experience. This starts by making sense of the POS data," Dennis Becker, Mobivity chairman and CEO, said in the release.

QSR Web • 12/15/20

Mobivity and ParTech Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Brands

“PAR is pleased to welcome Mobivity into our Brink POS integration ecosystem,” said Stephen Lee, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ParTech, Inc. “The combination of Mobivity’s Recurrency platform and our Brink POS will allow restaurants to quickly understand and adapt to guest behavior using intelligent data and create personalized and branded experiences that ultimately increase guest engagement.”

GSMA • 12/15/20

Mobivity and ParTech Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Brands

Mobivity Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: MFON) a global provider of personalized customer engagement solutions that drive customer frequency and spend, announced its partnership with ParTech, Inc., a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR).

The Wise Marketer • 12/14/20

Brink POS Integrates with Mobivity’s Recurrency

The combination of Mobivity’s Recurrency platform and Brink POS will allow restaurants to quickly understand and adapt to guest behavior using intelligent data and create personalized and branded experiences that ultimately increase guest engagement, said Par.

Hospitatlity Technology • 12/14/20

Mobivity Appoints Lisa Brennan as Chief Financial Officer

Mobivity Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: MFON) a global provider of customer engagement solutions that drive customer frequency and spend, today announced the appointment of Lisa Brennan as Chief Financial Officer. Brennan was recently the CFO at Merchant Customer Exchange “MCX”, a mobile payment technology business, culminating in the company’s acquisition by JPMorgan Chase. Additionally, Ms. Brennan brings more than 25 years of experience in key financial leadership roles in SaaS technology, management consulting, and retail. Lynn Tiscareno will remain with the company through the end of 2020 to facilitate a smooth transition.

GSMA • 12/9/20

Mobivity Wins the 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Mobile Messaging Based Marketing Solution

This year’s Martech Breakthrough Awards program attracted more than 2,750 nominations from around the world, which were evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the martech industry, including analysts, journalists and technology executives. Mobivity joins an impressive group of winners from other categories including: Shopify, Adobe, Mailchimp, ringDNA, Unbounce, Hootsuite, Bluehost, Sprinklr, The Trade Desk, Acxiom.

The Wise Marketer • 12/4/20

SMS Marketing May Be the Breakthrough Loyalty Tool of 2020

Wise Marketer’s Managing Editor Bill Hanifin took advantage of a few minutes with Dennis Becker to cover a range of topics relating to SMS marketing. There are some valuable insights here from Dennis that will help you employ SMS marketing tools into your mix more effectively as well as some statistics that will surprise you regarding communicating with loyalty program members.

The Wise Marketer • 12/4/20

$540 Million invested into Tyson Foods facilities for protective measures

“Specifically in Pasco, we have started to use social media tools such as Beekeeper and Mobivity to send out messages related to COVID-19 with the ability to communicate in different languages,” said a Tyson Foods spokesperson. • 12/3/20

How Sonic Increased Order Ahead Pickup Orders Through Its Mobile App

For years, the brand has been sharing news and promotions with customers through SMS and MMS campaigns. In early 2020, they teamed up with Mobivity to run their first RCS Business Messaging campaign. The goal of the campaign was to drive Order Ahead pickup orders through their mobile app.

Hospitatlity Technology • 11/30/20

How QSRs can pivot their marketing to join the holiday conversation

"This is an opportunity for brands, but the margin for error has never been smaller," Becker explained, as the pandemic's effects drive down ad budgets and make ROI even more important. "But the ability to weave in seasonal disposition and the spirit of consumers in direct marketing engagements is a huge opportunity."

Mobile Marketer • 11/19/20

Sonic Drive-In's RCS test boosts app downloads 5x over MMS

Sonic Drive-In this year increased downloads for its Sonic App by sending messages to customers via an upgraded technology for Android smartphones. The chain, which is owned by Inspire Brands, worked with mobile marketing company Mobivity to test rich communications services (RCS), a standard for mobile messaging that Google supports, per a blog post by the search platform.

Mobile Marketer • 11/17/20

Sonic Creates Boom in App Usage With Text Campaign

In early 2020, Sonic teamed up with unified mobile messaging solution provider Mobivity, to run its first rich communication services (RCS) business messaging campaign.

Chain Store Age • 11/16/20

CASE STUDY: Papa Gino’s & D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Augments Direct Mail, TV Ads with SMS Messages

With decreasing ROI of direct mail and television, they were looking for a way to directly engage with customers to drive increased frequency and spend. They found quick success sending SMS messages, measuring impact and optimizing campaigns to continue driving frequency and spend.

Hospitality Technology • 09/01/20

Press Release - Mobivity to Present at the Canaccord Genuity 40th Annual Growth Conference

Dennis Becker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Lynn Tiscareno, Chief Financial Officer, will be conducting one-on-one meetings throughout the conference.

Mobivity • 08/06/20

Pandemic Ups The Ante For Digital Restaurant Orders, Delivery

In early January, Sonic tried next-generation RCS messaging, whose attributes include the ability to show things like menus, in partnership with Mobivity Holdings’ Recurrency platform.

Media Post • 06/23/20

SONIC Drive-In, Mobivity Drive Significant Lift in App Downloads and Registrations without Incentives

Using Mobivity’s Mobile Messaging, the SONIC pilot broadcasted interactive and engaging messaging through RCS about its restaurant app, targeting customers across more than 3,500 locations.

Hospitality Technology • 04/28/20

Sonic Drive-In spurs 5x more app downloads with RCS pilot

Sonic Drive-In boosted app downloads and other mobile activity in a test of next-generation messaging for Android smartphones.

Mobile Marketer • 04/24/20

Mobivity Helps Sonic Drive-In on Mobile Messaging

As the next generation of SMS, providing rich media features found in apps, Google’s RCS Business Messaging delivers the simplicity of messaging while allowing customers to find the nearest restaurant, get special offers, order and pay via mobile.

QSR Magazine • 04/23/20

Mobivity Works with SONIC Drive-In to Create Record-Setting Response with Rich Communications Services (RCS) Mobile Messaging

Using Mobivity’s Mobile Messaging, the SONIC pilot broadcasted interactive and engaging messaging through RCS about its restaurant app, targeting customers across more than 3,500 locations. The record-setting results with RCS did not leverage offers, discounts or other incentives.

GSMA • 04/23/20

Press Release - Mobivity Works with SONIC Drive-In to Create Record-Setting Response with Rich Communications Services (RCS) Mobile Messaging

RCS Pilot Campaign with SONIC® Drive-In Proves Effectiveness with Significant Lift in App Downloads and Registrations without Incentives

Mobivity • 04/23/20

Press Release - Mobivity Secures $890,000 Loan Under Paycheck Protection Program Provision of CARES Act

Management Expects 100% of the Loan to be Forgiven Per Program Guidelines

Mobivity • 04/20/20

How a Mobile Messaging and POS Technology Company is Supporting Brands During COVID-19

Listen in as Dennis Becker, CEO Mobivity, not only talks through these innovative solutions with The Wise Marketer Managing Editor, Bill Hanifin, but also dives into some of the hot topics facing the restaurant industry today.

The Wise Marketer • 04/10/20

Press Release - Mobivity’s Recurrency™ Integrates with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS To Boost Restaurant Profitability with Data-driven Intelligence and Promotions

Simphony Users Can Now Effectively Create 1:1 Guest Engagement and Improve Return on Marketing Spend (ROMS)

Mobivity • 03/03/20

How Brands Are Using Apple, Google, Facebook, and Texting to Chat Up Consumers

Direct messaging is all the rage for marketers even if it's not always welcome by the customer

AdAge • 02/11/20

How QSRs are leading the way on personalized, omnichannel experiences

Lessons learned by McDonald's, Starbucks and others could help marketers across the industry in 2020 and beyond.

Marketing Dive • 01/02/20

Ghost Kitchens, AI And POS Systems: Restaurant Tech Providers Predict Top 2020 Trends

“Between third-party delivery, ghost kitchens and growing competition, it’s becoming more apparent just how important it is for brands to connect directly with customers via a brand’s owned channels, where brands own the customer experience from the order to the service,” said Dennis Becker, CEO of Mobivity. “At times it feels like [third-party delivery] is a deal with the devil, so we help clients understand how to utilize their owned channels to deliver complete value to customer that transcends the convenience of delivery alone.”

Forbes • 01/02/20

Q&A: How mobile will emerge as a marketing channel in 2020

2020 will be transformative in terms of traditional and digital marketing, according to CEO Dennis Becker of Mobivity. The year will be all about 'Return on Marketing Spend (RoMS)'.

Digital Journal • 12/27/19

Talking Return on Marketing Spend: An Executive Interview with Dennis Becker, Chairman and CEO Mobivity

Return on Marketing Spend (RoMS) is a value that is hard to capture, at least accurately, in the fast-moving and omni-channel age that we live in (and advertise in). We recently sat down with Dennis Becker, Chairman and CEO Mobivity, to help understand RoMS and how marketers can make sure they are not only spending their marketing budget in an efficient way, but most importantly in a measurable way, so that they can leverage their data to optimize their spend.

The Wise Marketer • 12/24/19

Mobivity Holdings finding success helping brick and mortar businesses mine data

Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker talked with Proactive’s Steve Darling at the 12th annual LD Micro Conference. The Chandler, Arizona, company operates proprietary platforms to conduct localized data-driven marketing campaigns.

Proactive Investors • 12/10/19

How Subway Gets Closer to 1:1

What Mobivity’s new Offers and Promotions platform is doing for the world’s largest restaurant chain.

DM News • 12/09/19

Press Release - Mobivity Announces Third Quarter Financial Results

Annual recurring revenue climbs 15.7% compared to Q3 2018.

Mobivity • 11/14/19

Mobivity launches Omnichannel Offers and Promotions Management Platform with Subway

The Offers and Promotions feature will enable brands to generate unique 1:1 codes that can be attached to a text message offer, receipt-printed promotion, or existing marketing channels external to Recurrency.

Mobile Marketing Magazine • 11/13/19

Press Release - Mobivity Launches Personalized Offers and Promotions Platform to Consumers Across All Print and Digital Marketing Channels

Mobivity today announced the launch of its Omnichannel Offers and Promotions Management platform. The Offers and Promotions feature will allow brands to generate unique 1:1 codes that can be attached to a text message offer, receipt-printed promotion, or existing marketing channels external to Recurrency.

Mobivity • 11/13/19

Press Release - Mobivity Schedules Third Quarter 2019 Conference Call for November 14, 2019

Mobivity today announced that the Company will release results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019 on November 14, 2019 and has scheduled a conference call that same day at 4:30 P.M. Eastern Time (ET).

Mobivity • 11/04/19

Press Release - Dennis Becker of Mobivity to Moderate the CEO Roundtable at the Fast Casual Executive Summit

Mobivity announced today that Dennis Becker, Mobivity Chairman and CEO, will moderate the CEO Roundtable focusing on the state of the industry during the Fast Casual Executive Summit on Tuesday, October 15 at 3:45 p.m. at the JW Marriot in Austin, TX.

Mobivity • 10/03/19

Checkers & Rally’s to Use SMS to Send Personalized Offers

This will enable the brands to connect with their customers at their moment of choice and ultimately drive guest frequency and spend across all of its locations nationwide.

GSMA • 09/26/19

Checkers & Rally’s Selects Mobivity to Power its Mobile Customer Engagement Programs across 875+ Locations Nationwide

The programs will utilize Mobivity’s Reach to send timely, personalized mobile offers to Checkers & Rally’s customers via SMS text messaging.

GSMA • 09/24/19

Press Release - Checkers & Rally’s Selects Mobivity to Power its Mobile Customer Engagement Programs across 875+ Locations Nationwide

Mobivity today announced that Checkers & Rally’s, an iconic and innovative drive-thru restaurant chain, has selected Mobivity to power its mobile customer engagement programs in over 875 of its U.S. locations.

Mobivity • 09/24/19

[Podcast] - Innovative Strategies Help Restaurants And Retailers Thrive Online

Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker joins Peggy Anne Salz on the Mobile Presence podcast to discuss the innovative strategies restaurants and retailers use to thrive online.

Mobile Presence • 07/29/19

4 Ways to Transform into an Insights-Driven Enterprise

Positive messaging has also been key for New England Authentic Eats, operator of Papa Gino’s Pizzeria restaurants and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. To win back customers, the new management invested in a digital customer engagement platform from Mobivity to better understand what drives guest behavior and to develop data-driven, customized campaigns to help drive frequency, spend and ultimately growth.

Hospitality Technology • 06/13/19

MarTech Interview with Dennis Becker of Mobivity on Mobile Marketing

Mobile phone users are expected to reach 2.87 billion around the world in 2020, according to a study on Statista. This means the mobile market is only expanding and marketers need to be clued-in to consumer preferences from the get-go. In this MarTech Interview, the Chairman & CEO of Mobivity, Dennis Becker, discusses few recent trends in mobile marketing.

Martech Advisor • 05/29/19

PepsiCo launches Digital Lab to help restaurants succeed in the digital world

PepsiCo – the company behind popular food and beverage brands including Pepsi, Doritos, Gatorade, Walkers, Lay’s, and many more – has launched a suite of solutions aimed at catering to the digital and online needs of foodservice operators.

Mobile Marketing Magazine • 05/21/19

Chandler software firm posts strong revenue growth, prepares to hire

Mobivity grew its locations served in 2018 to more than 36,000, including household brands Red Lobster, Blimpie, Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery.

Phoenix Business Journal • 04/22/19

Sandwich chain Blimpie lifts customer spending 11% with personalized offers

Blimpie's test of Mobivity's personalized offerings appears promising based on the increase in customer spending and store visits in just. . .

Mobile Marketer • 03/20/19

Mobile Redemption - New England Authentic Eats, LLC aims at rejuvenating two local icons with personalized SMS and other solutions from Mobivity

New England Authentic Eats, LLC is the newly-formed parent company of two regional fast casual staples – pizza-maker Papa Gino’s. . .

DMN News • 03/06/19

Starving for Engagement: Why Restaurants Apps Failed to Satisfy Customers’ Appetite

Since the introduction of Apple’s iOS App Store in the summer of 2008, the number of apps has risen from. . .

Modern Restaurant Management • 01/30/19

The (Loyalty) Revolution will be Texted

The collision of brick and mortar retail with the relentless forward progress of ecommerce and digital marketing has created an. . .

The Wise Marketer • 01/25/19

Subway Taps Into Personalized Messaging To Increase Customer Visits

Subway likes what it sees from its new personalized marketing approach and is expanding the facilitating technology throughout Canada, Ireland and the UK. . .

Forbes • 01/15/19

Mobivity Buys Digital Loyalty Solution

Mobivity Holdings Corp. has completed the acquisition of the Belly product line assets from Hatch Loyalty. Belly is a digital loyalty solution for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Hospitality Tech • 11/15/18

Famous Dave's BBQ taps Mobivity platform for engagement strategy

Famous Dave's BBQ is tapping Mobivity's recurrency platform for national customer engagement in its effort to boost customer frequency and spend.

Fast Casual • 10/23/18