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Scalable player acquisition and retention

Connected Rewards™ for Game Developers

We drive increased installs and longer gameplay by connecting mobile games with real-world brand offers, improving ROAS, LTV, and engagement.

Headwinds are increasing for developers

Player monetization has gotten harder for game developers

As data privacy regulations are expected to increase, the ability of developers and publishers to easily acquire deeper levels of player data and insights is decreasing. Not only does monetization get harder, but all other areas like mobile attribution, user acquisition, and remarketing, as well.

The ultimate win-win-win

Real-world rewards for real-world results

Connected RewardsTM makes it easier for developers in privacy-safe, fraud-proof ways. In the process we reward installs and longer gameplay with real-world brand rewards, creating a virtuous cycle of winning for all parties involved.

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Game Developers Win

Developers win as new players install games, play longer, and return more often to earn rewards

Players Win

Players Win

Players spend more time playing games they love to earn real-world rewards from brands they also love

Brands Win

Brands Win

Brands get increased foot traffic and transaction sizes from players redeeming offers in-store or online

Performance marketing redefined

Time to level up your marketing performance!

When using Mobivity's Connected RewardsTM for performance marketing, "performance" is an expectation, not an aspiration.

Mobivity ensures this in a variety of ways. We start with a broad portfolio of well-known global, national, and regional brands with robust, real-world offers. We then use those offers to reward players 1.) for downloading and playing a game from a brand's owned media channels and 2.) as in-game rewards for playing longer and achieving higher levels within the game. As a result, every marketing dollar spent sees better performance.

24 Hour Brand rewards drive longer, more frequent gameplay

Cash Better player monetization with greater lifetime values

Secure Fraud-proof technology delivers higher performance

Feedback Higher player satisfaction with less game abandonment

Wallet Achieve Day 7, 15, and 30 ROAS goals with consistency


Monetization made easier

Time is money. The more time spent playing mobile games, the greater the likelihood of monetizing that player whether through ads or in-app purchases. Schedule a consultation to see how Connected RewardsTM contributes to longer gameplay and better monetization.

Ready for something different?

Connecting your game to brand offers has never been easier.

We've made it easier than ever to expand your acquisition efforts into global, national, and regional brands to drive better player performance and LTV. We just need  a few items from you, and we take care of the rest.

Choose the Game

Whether putting a game in brand channels or a brand offer in the game, choosing the game is the first step

Choose Key Metric

Regardless of your key metrics, we can construct programs from CPA > CPE > CPI to meet your budget and deliver results

Review the Results

We work with the brands to ensure the offers and promotional channels are performing to your specs

The power of connections

Connected RewardsTM seamlessly connects developers to new audiences

At Mobivity, we get it. You're busy and don't need one more thing to do. That's why giving game developers the ability to come to one provider and plug into an established network of connected partners and consumers is so valuable.

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Connected to Brands

We created the technology that connects game players' virtual world to real-world brand rewards for a frictionless experience.

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Connected to MMPs

With integrations to all of the top mobile measurement partners, developers and brands can see closed-loop attribution.

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Connected to Consumers

Through our own audiences and brand audiences, we're connected to millions of consumers with high predispositions for mobile gaming.

Attract and keep high-quality players.

You're one step away from getting your games in front of great restaurants, retail, and convenience brands through Connected Rewards™. Simply click to schedule a 30-minute meeting and tell us about your player targets and key metrics you want to improve. We’ll give you clear next steps so you can improve your results more scalably.