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Increase results, not budgets

Connected Rewards for Retail & Brands

The budget-friendly, always-on marketing solution designed for retailers and brands to connect brand offers and rewards with large mobile gaming audiences.

Mobivity's Connected Rewards customers
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Scalable customer engagement

Reach millions of customers and grow engagement

Traditional marketing is not working like it used to. Costs are going up with performance going down.

Connected RewardsTM connects you to the #1 fastest-growing audience – mobile gamers. Extend your reach and boost traffic without increasing your marketing budget.

How does this work?

Offers with games outperform those without

Head-to-head tests show that adding a game promotion to a standard offer continually outperforms retail and brand offers without games. Retailers and brands get reimbursed for each redemption each time they use Connected RewardsTM to tie rewards and offers to promoted mobile game downloads. They can use those reimbursements as a revenue source, margin protection, or marketing program enhancement.

LC01 - Promo

Promote the Game

The fastest way to get introduced to gaming audiences and increase offer performance is to promote brand offers with games

LC02 - Reward

Send the Reward

As customers download and play the game, we automatically trigger the reward to be sent to them via timed-delivery through SMS

LC03 - Redeem

See More Traffic & Spend

Customers are directed back to the store to redeem resulting in more visits, larger basket sizes, and reimbursed redemptions

The results you want to see

"I can't believe how well this works" - Global VP, Loyalty

Mobile game players typically get virtual rewards that can only be used in the game. When they receive a real-world reward such as a free burger, or $.20 off per gallon of gas, they redeem at much higher rates. It's not just redemptions. Their frequency increases by 23%, lapsed users reengage by as much as 75%, and basket sizes increase by more than 2x the offer itself. You will also see:

hand-icon Accelerated customer acquisition

telescope-icon Boosted loyalty program engagement

certificate-icon Increased loyalty app downloads

stand-icon Reactivated lapsed customers

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The win-win-win scenario

Drive In-store Traffic with In-game Rewards

Connected RewardsTM connects brands and game publishers so mobile game players can easily redeem rewards from brands they love.

Brands Win

Brands Win

Brands get increased foot traffic and transaction sizes while earning reimbursement dollars to put toward acquisition and offer costs


Game Developers Win

Developers win as new players install games, play longer, and return more often to play and earn more brand rewards

Players Win

Consumers Win

As consumers earn rewards for doing something they already enjoy doing–playing mobile games and getting deals, their LTV increases

In-brand and in-game rewards get results.

Unlike ad networks that focus on impressions, we’re a performance marketing marketplace. We care about deeper funnel outcomes, like driving acquisition and traffic, so you get the results you’re looking for.

Convenience Brand

"Using Connected Rewards drove the highest engagement we've seen and increased gallons purchased by 57%."

Abigail Cerra HS

Abigail Cerra

(Former) Sr. Manager, Innovation & Brand Marketing | Refuel Operating Company

Save time and budget

Get Started Quickly with Little to No Upfront Cost

Unlike typical partnerships that can be a lot of work, when you partner with Mobivity, we do all the heavy lifting. You simply need to provide a few items in a 30-minute meeting, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Select Offers & Channels

Start by selecting which offers and channels in which to promote

Provide Product Images

Send us high-resolution product images for the selected offers

Enjoy The Benefits

We'll handle campaign setup to creative ads to monthly redemption reimbursements

Performance marketing in action

Brands get results with Connected Rewards™

When you partner with Mobivity, you get a strategic partner who handles all the details. We manage relationships with game publishers and provide the tools you need to swap offers, analyze results, run tests…and get results.

The power of partnership

You Don’t Need to Add More to Your Plate

We make it easy for you to meet new customers and retain existing ones by taking care of all the details for you. 

HIW - Brds - Partners

Seamless partnerships

Partnering with Mobivity means we handle everything from managing relationships with game publishers to providing the tools you need to maximize marketing performance.

HIW - Brds - Subsidy

Subsidized Marketing Costs

Connected RewardsTM gives your brand total budget flexibility. You decide where to apply your earned media funds, like funding offer costs or applying to acquisition costs.

HIW - Brds - Reach

Increased Reach

Co-branded promotions between brands and game developers not only expand your reach–they show your audience you understand them and their preferences.

Time to increase marketing performance, not marketing budgets.

Tap into the rapidly-growing consumer demand for mobile games to expand your marketing reach, attract new customers, and increase engagement of lapsed and existing customers. All within your current budget.