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Mobivity's Connected Rewards connects brands to the massive universe of gamers in 3 ways:

In-Game Rewards
In-Game Rewards extends the reach of the brand by putting brand offers inside games as incentives to gamers for playing the games they love.

In-Brand Channels
The second way to attract this lucrative gaming audience is by using the brand's owned media channels to promote a game with a brand offer as the reward. Game publishers pay for the offer cost, and the brand gets free traffic.

In-Game Advertising 
With In-Game Advertising, Brands have the ability to advertise within the gaming environment to get millions of impressions.

  1. Determine what enticing offers to promote
  2. Provide product images for the offers
  3. Provide QR or barcodes for redemption* 

    *Mobivity can provide these if needed

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