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See how Smashburger generated over $200,000 in attributable revenue in just 45 days.

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Driving revenue growth for restaurants, retailers, and personal care brands is our specialty.

The re•currency platform captures the outcomes at the point-of-sale with precision detail, analyzes that data to understand and predict strategies to increase revenue, and motivates consumers and employees to create guaranteed growth for your business

Gather Your Transaction Data

re•currency begins with re•capture, which can capture, normalize, integrate, and store transaction data for almost any point-of-sale (POS) system. This provides a clean, useful dataset upon which to predict and influence your customers’ buying behavior, and deliver basket-level insights to your business.

Unlock a system-wide database of transaction details to analyze and improve your marketing

Whether you use one POS system or many, start collecting data into a single source of truth.

Gain more insight into your success through the integration of re•capture with re•cognition and the rest of the re•currency suite.

Transform How You Use Data

re•cognition is a learning machine, an AI-driven assistant that uncovers patterns in the buying behaviors of your customers and leverages that data to suggest pricing optimizations, guide marketing campaigns, or communicate 1:1 with each customer to get them to visit more often and spend more.

Access easy-to-read, real-time data, allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions.

Access your data from anywhere with a platform that is built for sharing data with anyone you choose.

re•cognition shows you the whole picture by identifying trends from re•capture data, and allows you to act on them any time through marketing channels like re•ach.

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Communicate In Store

Every transaction is an opportunity to create another. With re•ceipt, you can engage your customers with a personalized print or digital message based on the contents of each transaction.

Create stronger connections with your customers before they ever leave the store.

Print smarter offers that are powered by a re•cognition enabled POS system.

Make your marketing offers more intelligent and accelerate business growth through data, machine learning, and personalized messaging

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Communicate in Life

You need to re•ach your customers as they go about their lives in a place they’re sure to hear you. The average consumer checks their phone hundreds of times per day, and with re•ach you can send targeted, personalized messages to motivate consumers to choose you.

Create more connections with your customers who want to hear from you the most through the channels they prefer.

Send offers enabled by real-time basket-level POS data through re•ceipt and re•cognition.

Make your marketing offers more intelligent and accelerate business growth through data, machine learning, and personal messaging.

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Motiviate Your Employees

Your employees are a key asset in driving customer satisfaction, repeat visits, and the items a customer selects. With re•up, you can monitor, measure, and reward employees, teams, shifts, locations, or regions to better service customers, partners, and the goals of the business.

Connect your sales and marketing plans to direct action in the store, rewarding the best performers.

Monitor employee performance and tie results back to basket-level transactional data.

Create data-driven incentives to motivate your employees in a way that directly effects your bottom line.

Reward Incentive

re•currency moves beyond a simple platform, and is a blockchain based customer reward currency that can give your customers the incentive they need to act.

re•currency enables you to drive the buying behaviors that you want, giving more rewards for a specific product promoted by your partners, or for consumers who spend more than the average amount. Reward your customers with the secure, flexible, and powerful re•currency.

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About Mobivity

Mobivity provides a platform for intelligent and personalized marketing in the real world. We leverage detailed purchase data and communications platforms to improve business results by understanding, predicting, and influencing consumer behavior.