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Increase Marketing Performance, Not Your Budget

With more than 3 billion people playing mobile games worldwide, Mobivity's Connected RewardsTM connects mobile gameplay to brand rewards, driving superior marketing results for brands and game developers.

Mobivity's Connected Rewards showing mobile games in brand loyalty apps
Marketing costs increase while media performance declines
The marketing landscape is changing

Traditional media has become less effective & more expensive

Consumers are leaving traditional media channels. Furthermore, as costs of media, labor, and operations increase, marketers are left spending more money from shrinking budgets only to reach smaller audiences in crowded channels.

Marketers need channels with elbowroom

Mobile game audiences remain a huge, untapped source

Playing games has become the #1 activity on mobile phones (70%), even over social media (55%) and texting (46%). With audience sizes rivaling those of broadcast and social media, it's no wonder why retailers and brands are increasingly turning to mobile gaming  Look at some of the most recent research on consumer behaviors. 

shopping-cart-icon Smartphone is #1 device used for online shopping (Statista)

certificate-icon Mobile gaming is #1 activity on mobile phones (

retail-brands Two-thirds of the U.S. play mobile games regularly (The ESA)

Wallet 67% change their behavior based on discounts (Capital One)

Consumer statistics on mobile gaming and discount preferences
Welcome to the world of Connected RewardsTM

The cost-effective way to reach millions of new customers

Connected RewardsTM combines three crucial ingredients: the large reach of mobile game audiences, the appeal of in-game brand rewards, and the budget-friendly cost of partner-funded media.


Large Audience Reach

Nearly 3 out of every 4 consumers play mobile games. Find new customers where they already are–in mobile games–and drive more traffic to your locations.


In-Game Brand Rewards

Through Mobivity’s Connected Rewards marketplace, game publishers and brands can offer incentives players truly want. Real-world rewards.


Budget-Friendly Cost

With Connected Rewards, you can completely fund your offer costs or media costs. You won’t find this flexibility anywhere else.

Boost the performance of your campaigns

For Marketers who want to overperform, not overspend

The Connected RewardsTM marketplace connects brands and game developers to their target customers. As players continue to play mobile games, they are able to seamlessly earn and redeem rewards from brands they love.

Measurable benefits for brands and developers

Join the performance marketing leaders with Connected RewardsTM

3 billion people play mobile games for entertainment. They also eat and shop in the real world. We connect their virtual world of mobile games to real-world brand rewards, creating a powerful win-win-win for all.

Brand Offers and Rewards


Get better performance from your standard offers and increase the effectiveness of your brand-owned marketing channels with Connected RewardsTM.

Mobile Game Developers


Acquire new players while improving metrics like CPI, Day-7 ROAS, and Average Revenue Per Daily Active User with Connected RewardsTM.

Brand advertising done differently

Maximize your budget and amplify your impact

Savvy marketers know changes to privacy laws and cookies have made targeted marketing more difficult. When you leverage Connected RewardsTM, you can:

coins-stacked-icon Accelerate customer acquisition

rocket-icon Boost loyalty program engagement

certificate-icon Increase app downloads

telescope-icon Find and reactivate lapsed customers

Featured benefits
Innovative strategy. Increased impact.

Examples of brands using, and media talking about Connected RewardsTM

When you partner with Mobivity, you don’t just gain access to a network of millions of potential customers. You gain a strategic partner who handles all the details and can get reimbursed for offer costs every time a game player redeems a reward.

The ultimate win/win/win

A guide to how in-game brand rewards extend your reach and boost traffic

Connected RewardsTM isn’t an ad network. It’s a marketplace for brands and game developers that integrates brand offers into games as a reward just for playing.

Let’s say a player reaches level 9 in their mobile game. The game publisher offers an exciting incentive from a brand such as, “Reach Level 10 and get a free order of fries!” After the player reaches level 10, they see “Hit Level 20 and get a free meal!”

It’s a win-win-win. 

  • Game developers win by getting new players that play longer and monetize better
  • Brands win by getting traffic from in-store reward redemptions
  • Game players win by getting a real-world reward for doing something they already love–playing mobile games

Connected RewardsTM are proven to perform better!

In head-to-head tests, brand offers using Connected Rewards consistently outperform standard brand offers across all marketing metrics – from cost to efficacy to redemptions!


Brands Using Connected Rewards


Lower Cost of Acquisition


Higher Redemptions than Standard Offers

Restaurant Brand

"Mobivity's program not only pays for our customer acquisition but drove 54% engagement from our lapsed customers."

AFlores RND

Alexis Flores

Director, Loyalty & CRM | Checkers & Rally's

Convenience Brand

"Using Connected Rewards for our offers drove the highest engagement we've seen and increased basket sizes by 57%."

Abigail Cerra HS

Abigail Cerra

Sr. Manager of Innovation & Brand Marketing | Refuel Operating Company

Discover the new world of Connected RewardsTM!

Where mobile gamers connect their virtual world of gameplay to real-world brand rewards. Come join the Connected RewardsTM marketplace and experience firsthand the marketing performance you’ve been missing.