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“The reason I chose Mobivity was because of competition and how it can help. It gives us the ability to communicate directly with our customers from anywhere. It’s fast and easy, and a less expensive way to reach people quickly. It’s a must-have ability for any small business.”

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This increased customer visit frequency resulted in $200,000 in attributable revenue for Smashburger during the pilot. In just 45 days, participating Smashburger restaurants printed over 1.2 million coupon-enhanced receipts which drove more than 15,000 redemptions.

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This initial offer proved successful, with a total of approximately 20,000 subscribers opting in to receive message-based communications at the participating Round Table Pizza locations. More than 75% of those customers redeemed their first offer for Garlic Parmesan Twists, and the adoption of Mobivity solutions drove a greater than 40% increase in average customer spend.

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At MWCA, our partner Subway was one of the 20 brands that demonstrated how they are successfully interacting with their customers via RCS. Carissa Ganelli, Chief Digital Officer for Subway took the stage to give the audience her perspective on the evolution of messaging, and the success Subway has seen while using RCS. Already an advocate for usin