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Powering More Intelligent Mobile Campaigns

Automatically send the highest-performing format your customer's phone can accept, with the push of a button. And by aggregating and normalizing your POS data, you can dig deep and discover the trends and patterns of how your customers interact with your messages.

Comparing Typical SMS Campaigns with Smarter Reach Campaigns

Growing Your Business with More Interactive Campaigns

As brands and their customers become more in-tune with technology, the rise of the mobile app has increased engagement with brand’s most loyal customers - but apps aren't the conversation your customers are looking for. Mobivity's Unitifed Mobile Messaging lets you stay in touch with your entire customer base through SMS, MMS, Google RBM, and more.

Different Models of Reach Campaigns

Using Personalized Messaging to Understand, Predict, and Influence

Mobile messaging helps you target your customers, and increase frequency when they're outside of your store. But once they're there, SmartReceipt helps you create more personalized and targeted in-store campaigns.