Driving Customer Frequency for a $2 Billion Casual Dining Chain

by Zoë Dixon

Apr 30, 2018

The Challenge

With competition in the casual dining industry stronger than ever, and decreasing profits caused by the rising costs of food and labor, one $2 Billion casual dining chain decided it was time to reposition themselves in the forefront of their customer’s mind and drive customer frequency with a new marketing strategy, and came to Mobivity to help.

The Approach

Recently, the brand engaged with Mobivity to launch a 90-day personalized marketing campaign across a 19-location pilot market. The brand needed an easy way to communicate directly with their customers in a place they were sure to hear them. Mobivity’s Reach allowed them to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time through the channel consumers prefer – the phone that travels with them everywhere.

To help launch and promote a successful campaign, Mobivity’s Account Management team worked with the client to devise a simple but effective cross-platform approach for informing customers about how to join the club, and made sure that the offers those customers received were successful in driving customer frequency for the brand.

The Results

To date, the results of the program have surpassed the clients’ expectations, while highlighting how targeted messaging campaigns can increase sales and drive frequency for casual dining concepts. Their goal was to reach 2,850 subscribers across the 19 locations, and they reached 70% of that goal within only the first two weeks of their 90-day campaign.

Results of the Case Study with this Casual Dining Chain

Driving Customer Frequency with Personalized Results

SMS messages have an average read rate of 98% within the first three minutes of receipt. Mobivity’s Reach proved to be an effective way to communicate with customers as the chain saw a 6% redemption rate on their highly-targeted offers. During these broadcasts, offer landing pages allowed Mobivity to collect deeply integrated redemption data tied back to individual consumers’ phone numbers, creating an opportunity for further personalization in the future.

The Method Behind the Results

Delivering Personalized Marketing, Increased Sales, and Frequency at Scale

Mobivity operates Mobivity’s Reach campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world across more than 40,000 locations, engaging millions of consumers each month, resulting in millions of dollars in attributable sales. If you’d like to see what Mobivity’s Reach could do for your business, fill out the form below to start the conversation.

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