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Plain Old texting Doesn't Cut It Anymore - Mobivity

Plain Old Texting Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

By Zoë Dixon August 17, 2018 No Comments
Plain Old texting Doesn't Cut It Anymore - Mobivity

Our texts are a sacred space. If you’re one of the lucky marketers who has persuaded customers to opt-in to your subscriber list, you need to remember that the way they expect to communicate is always changing. To truly engage your users, you need to keep up-to-date on how they want to be texted. Gone are the days when sending a blanket discount via SMS would thrill your subscriber base. Plain old texting doesn’t cut it anymore, so we want to show you what we’re doing to help you keep your customers coming back.

The Power of Emojis

You might not think it by looking at their cute little faces, but emojis are a powerful marketing tool that can help your message stick. A recent study found that messages sent to consumers that included emojis were considered more memorable, and made a brand seem friendlier in their eyes. The use of emojis not only humanized brands, but also increased click-through rates!

The Power of Emojis in Mobile Campaigns - Mobivity

Domino’s took full advantage of this phenomenon when they introduced a campaign which allowed customers to order a pizza by simply tweeting a pizza emoji. This is a great example of how engaging your customers correctly can boost sales. It’s essential to keep pace with the rest of the world by making sure your brand is capitalizing on the technology available that will make your customers 😉.

Mouth Watering Images and Fewer Glitches

Emojis are not the only opportunity you might be missing out on, either. If you’re not using MMS, then you could be missing out on an opportunity to send images and videos to further entice your audience. What’s more effective than a video of melted cheese slowly pulling apart from a mouth-watering pizza? Brands are also using MMS to progress the way they show URL link previews. Advancements in Mobivity’s platform means that instead of showing simply the website title, text messages can showcase an image of a particularly scrumptious food item. Which would you rather click?

Mouth Watering Images in Mobile Campaigns - Mobivity

Back in plain old texting days, messages longer than 160 characters would be broken up into multiple texts. This often lead to glitches that would annoy customers, such as a link coming in in two separate texts, or a lag before the second message that included an offer they were excited to redeem. Now, re•ach supports SMS messages that are longer than 160 characters by linking them together into one message. Another way to avoid potentially irritating your customers further is by ensuring messages are targeted specifically to their needs. How? Read on.

Targeted Broadcasts and Personalized Messaging

Relevance is key when communicating with your customers. A lunchtime offer is bound to annoy someone who just ate lunch at your location an hour ago. Instead, send personalized 1-to-1 communications based on where users are in the customer lifecycle.

Fewer Glitches in Mobile Campaigns - Mobivity

When dealing with recently engaged customers, the messages and offers you send them may just be awareness-based, calling their attention to new products or services. Customers who show signs of defection may need to be offered a sweet deal to return to your store, and clearly defecting customers need an aggressive offer to be reengaged.

Keeping Up with the Competition

In the restaurant industry, your competitors are all revamping their businesses to include all the newest gadgets. What do you have to offer your customers if you fail to stay on top of the trends they’ve come to expect? Sending generic messages to your subscribers is so yesterday. Don’t worry if you’ve fallen a bit behind. With the right system, catching up (and even accelerating past the competition) is easy. Ready to communicate more effectively? Fill out the form below to get started.

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