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The Main Goals of Mobile Marketing and How to Achieve Them

The Main Goals of Mobile Marketing and How to Achieve Them

The goals of mobile marketing are very apparent and clear to marketers – to increase brand awareness and loyalty. But how do businesses and brands alike best utilize mobile marketing to achieve these goals amidst the flooding mobile market? How do you stand out? And how can you measure the success of mobile marketing? A lot of times the success of mobile marketing is measured up against other forms of marketing – comparing apples and oranges.

According to Jason Wells, the CEO of Contact Point, we’re measuring everything all wrong. It’s not about measuring how successful mobile is against other marketing mediums because the goals are not the same:

“The problem with a relatively new advertising medium is that it can be judged out of context. For example, we cannot compare the success of television ads clearly focused on branding with direct mail pieces clearly focused on driving phone calls. That is comparing apples and oranges. Most marketers understand this. But yet we still do it with mobile.”

What then is the goal of mobile marketing? What should mobile marketers measure? Wells states that “The goal of every mobile marketer is – or should be – to produce a phone call.”

While this is true, it is also entirely too general – everything depends on the medium of mobile marketing you are employing to contact your customers. For example, a banner ad within mobile apps is used to generate clicks and phone calls to a company, yet the goal of text message marketing is to enhance interaction and give brands and businesses direct and welcomed contact with their customers – contact that does not require an app download. But the end is the same – the goal of mobile marketing is to generate a response to a mobile call to action. The goal of text message marketing in particular is two-fold.

  1. Increase and Enhance Customer Loyalty and Interaction - Increasing customer loyalty gives you the edge in a saturated QSR market. By allowing your customers to be opted in to your mobile campaign, they get VIP offers and specials that aren’t offered directly to the public, created a sense of loyalty and interaction that your customers often won’t see elsewhere.
  2. To Bring Customers Into Your Location at Times When You Need Them Most. - Perhaps one of the largest benefits of text message marketing is the ability to increase and drive sales at times when you need them most. Whether that’s because sales are down, your store seems slow and empty, or you have excess product – text message marketing allows you to bring in customers when you want to.

To read more about Wells’ approach to increasing call volume, read on here at the Mobile Marketer, and to learn more about text message marketing and the goals of mobile marketing, give us a call today.


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