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The Most Effective Text Messages for Campaigns

The Most Effective Text Messages for Campaigns

One of the largest resources that we offer our clients is access to a personalized Account Coach. These coaches are assigned and made available to each of our clients for a lot of reasons, but the primary reasons are to train our clients on not only how to use our online text message marketing platform, but also how to see the best results.

One of the first things that our Account Coaches attempt to do is to train each of our clients on what the perfect message should contain to get the best response from your customers. Our “perfect message” contains six key components.

1. Emphasis

It is important to emphasize the words you want your customers to see most. While text messaging is the most far reaching form of communication, it is often given a quick look. In order to catch your customers’ attention when sending them a message, it is key to capitalize words that are important, or details about your offer – make sure your customers understand exactly what it is that you are trying to say.

2. Keep Things Interactive

While you’re message is going to several individual phone numbers, that is no reason to only have one customer come in based on what you sent (in most cases). By using phrases such as “grab a buddy” or something to that effect, you are reminding your customers that you are attempting to create a community around text message marketing – not just increase sales.

3. Brand Your Location

You would be surprised how many messages we’ve seen go out that don’t include a location attached to an offer – and this can cause a few problems. First, if your location is part of a corporate chain, not all locations may be offering the same special you’re sending to customers, which could upset customers and cause opt-outs if they aren’t directed to a specific location. Secondly, text message marketing is becoming more and more popular every day. Without a location in your message, your customers may have no idea how to separate your offer or message from any of the other several messages they may have received that day or week.

4. Set Time Restraints on Your Offer

Often times we’ve seen some great deals go out over text message, deals that a location may not particularly want to offer “indefinitely.” This is one of many reasons that you want to restrict your offers to a certain time period. Additionally, one of the many benefits of text message marketing is being able to increase sales at the times that you need it most, and by restraining your offers to a certain time, you are now able to do that.

5. Enable Yourself To See Results

While some of our clients have put the extra work in to integrate text messaging into their POS systems, not all have the time or resources to do so. Without this integration, tracking is (in our humble opinions) a little easier than you’d imagine. By requesting that individuals show the text message they received in order to take advantage of the current offer, you can not only track how many redemptions you’ve had, but you can also ensure that the message they received was from you (not a forwarded message – like our next point).

6. Keep Your Database In Mind

By encouraging your customers to forward the message to friends, you can then grow your database because when customers come in showing a text message from a number other than your short code (benefit of asking customers to show the text they received) you can then ask that customer to opt in to your campaign, helping grow your database.

While these are just a few of many suggestions our Account Coaches offer each and every one of our clients, it is the base of what we encourage at Mobivity. To learn more about composing the best messages possible, log in to the hub and contact your Account Coach today, or sign up for an account to see how we thrive on the success of our customers.


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