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2015 – The Year to Take Mobile Marketing Seriously

2015 – The Year to Take Mobile Marketing Seriously

It’s 2015 – and it’s time to take mobile marketing seriously.

The trend towards mobile devices has been growing rapidly year over year and 2015 will be no different. Mobile is continuing to grow exponentially and continues to change the way we get our information. Traditional channels will continue to dwindle while the Internet, and more specifically mobile, will thrive. Here are a few key predictions for mobile in 2015.

Mobile Search to Overtake Desktop

For the first time, the number mobile searches are expected to surpass searches on desktops this year. In fact, just in November Google announced that websites that are not mobile-friendly should expect penalties in their search rankings. With more and more customers browsing your site via mobile, it’s time to make certain that all your website’s features are easy to use on a mobile device. It is easy to overlook how well a contact form or other add-on works on your mobile site. Double checking that every aspect of your site is mobile-friendly will ensure that your customers have the best experience.

Mobile Payments to Increase by 60% in 2015, in Part, Thanks to Apple Pay

With the success of Starbucks’ mobile payment app as precedent, mobile payments are expected to grow rapidly this year. Apple Pay supports the credit cards and banks that make up 90% of purchases in the US, and over 220,000 retail establishments. Moreover, Apple Pay is now responsible for two out of every three dollars spent by contactless payment solutions, showing promising growth and potential for mobile payment solutions throughout the US economy. In 2015, mobile payments will see rapid growth and consumers in the U.S. will start to make smaller every day purchases from their mobile devices. More and more retailers will start adopting the mobile pay option to make checkouts easier and more efficient.

Shopping On Mobile is Expected to Grow to $119 Billion

In 2014, mobile shopping applications saw the highest growth in the mobile sphere. According to ASAP54 founder Daniella Cecilio in an article on The Huffington Post, “time spent shopping via iOS and Android smartphones increased by a massive 174%, up from 77% last year.” This marks an ongoing trend that a growing number consumers are turning to mobile to help them make purchasing decisions. The tech savvy consumer, is utilizing their online resources to find deals and find exactly what they want.

2015 needs to be the year that your business gets serious about marketing on mobile devices and allowing mobile to be a conversation starter with your customers. More and more, customers are moving their interactions and purchasing decisions to their smart-phones. While traditional channels are still important, mobile is taking over rapidly and your marketing should reflect this dynamic shift. It is clear that simply having a mobile-friendly website isn’t enough. If you want your message to stay in front of your customers its time to start thinking mobile.

If you have questions or want to learn more about how Mobivity is helping reduce downtime, increase foot traffic, and bring more customers, more often to thousands of businesses nationwide, get in touch with us today.


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