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How Does Recurrency Encourage Guests to Try New Products and Services?

How Does Recurrency Encourage Guests to Try New Products and Services?

Salon owners and operators want to make the most of every guest’s visit to their location. That means ensuring that all clients are offered the full range of products and services available to them. But often that’s not the case. Guests might either not be aware of the menu of services and products available or what current promotions are featured during their visit. Sometimes it’s as easy as presenting the right offer at the right time.

Increasing Awareness in the Salon

Let’s face it, talented stylists aren’t always the best salespeople. They are focused on the job at hand, and delivering a quality cut or style to their client. However, suggesting an additional service like a deep conditioning or scalp treatment, and sharing their knowledge about the products they’ve found to stand out, might turn a good experience into an exceptional one.

Offer Receptiveness

Many guests are receptive to the recommendations of a professional stylist and ready to try something new. Receipt coupons and awareness messages turn every receipt into a powerful marketing tool to promote lesser-known items in the salon or support a current in-store special. Plus, the two distinct types of Receipt messages, discount coupons and awareness messages, are designed to increase sales and revenue on future visits.

Spreading the Word Outside of Your Location

Upselling guests while they are in the salon might seem much less challenging than reaching out to your client roster to entice them not only to return, but also to add a new product or service on their next visit. But what is the best way to reach customers when they’re not in the salon?

Offer Receptiveness

Research shows that over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, making SMS an easy and effective delivery channel to reach your existing customers. SMS is becoming an increasingly popular method of communication and ideal for sending the right message at the right time. It’s also the optimal way to engage your most loyal customers so they’re always in the know about the latest offerings in your location – and sweetening the deal with personalized offers based on your customers’ preferences will only help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your SMS offers.

More Loyalty Means Greater Success

Whether you are focused on selling more products and services during the visit, or enticing your customers to return, the goal is clear. Consumer loyalty starts with better customer experiences. And since 20% of your existing customers generate 80% of your profits, Recurrency enables you to maximize the potential value for every guest, every time.


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