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Six Ways to Use SMS Messaging as an Engagement Tool

Six Ways to Use SMS Messaging as an Engagement Tool

Perhaps the most important goal of customer engagement is to create positive feelings about your brand to build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. If you have a text marketing platform, you already have a valuable tool through which you can easily reach out to your customers. For those having trouble coming up with creative ways to engage your loyal fans with mobile, we’ve come up with six solutions that will make it easy for you.

1. Promoting Special Offers

One of the most popular business uses of SMS messaging is sending coupons or special offers to customers. But don’t stop there! If a customer has opted in to your text club, they will be happy to receive any insider information about your company – such as new product updates, teasers, and even event invitations.

2. Running Contests

Let’s face it. Everyone loves free stuff. Engage your subscribers by offering contests and sweepstakes. Contests create a buzz of excitement around your brand, and are a great way to grow your opt-in list while at the same time grabbing the attention of your existing fans.

3. Gathering Feedback

Improve your customer service by asking for feedback from your clients after their visit. Asking guests for feedback not only encourages two-way communication with your most loyal customers, but also allows your surveys to reach a wide audience.

4. Providing Tips and Advice

Want to add some extra color to the messages you’re sending? Tips and advice based on what your customer has just purchased will make them feel like a VIP. For example, if a guest at your hair salon has just received a color treatment, send them a text message with information on how to best maintain and care for their new do.

Retail stores can give their subscribers the VIP treatment by sending a SMS blast that informs them about an upcoming sale before it is announced anywhere else. This marketing tactic rewards customers for being part of your text club, while making sure that they know you appreciate their loyalty.

5. Creating More Engaging Events

We have seen great success with our clients who use SMS to engage event attendees. No matter the event, most people have a phone in their pocket. One way to engage the audience is by asking them to text-in to cast their vote on a hot topic at the time. By engaging with a live audience, you will create an atmosphere of communication at your event.

6. Personalization is Key

No matter how you are planning to engage your customers, personalization is the added touch that will make all the difference. Think about it: Would you be more likely to respond to a text message that says, “Dear valued customer, please fill out our survey.” Or, “Hi Emma, thank you for visiting our restaurant today. We hope you will help us better serve you by filling out this short survey!” If you’re Emma, likely the latter.

Personalization goes hand in hand with timing. To engage customers, deliver messages to them at a relevant time. For surveys, the most relevant time would be soon after they have left your store. For reminders, coupons or special promotions, it is generally best to stay within local business hours.


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