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Round Table Pizza Sees Fast Results with Recurrency

Round Table Pizza Sees Fast Results with Recurrency

Facing the Challenges Ahead

Fast casual restaurant owners know there are numerous challenges in today’s restaurant industry. Consumer expectations are changing, and increased competition means that brands need to find a way to engage customers while increasing visit frequency. Round Table Pizza, known for their uniquely named premium specialty pies, implemented Mobivity’s Recurrency suite, which was effective in bringing their customers back.

The Approach

The program for the initial launch was 12 weeks long and was piloted at 20 Round Table Pizza locations. During this time, Round Table Pizza utilized Mobivity’s Receipt, transforming ordinary receipts into a dynamic communications platform. On each Receipt was a printed offer for customers to receive “6 Free Garlic Parmesan Twists with Any Pizza Purchase” as an incentive for opting in to receive future messaging communications via Reach. Our Reach solution allows brands to connect with their customers through the platform they prefer most – their phones. In addition, Recapture collected and aggregated data from every POS transaction, giving Round Table Pizza the ability to send relevant offers based on detailed purchase information.

Results in Just 12 Weeks

Round Table Results

This initial offer proved successful, with a total of approximately 20,000 subscribers opting in to receive message-based communications at the participating Round Table Pizza locations. More than 75% of those customers redeemed their first offer for Garlic Parmesan Twists, and the adoption of Mobivity solutions drove a greater than 40% increase in average customer spend. What’s more, each subsequent message sent to text club subscribers brought in approximately $100,000 in incremental revenue in only 6 weeks for the participating locations, and the was just the first half of the pilot! Round Table Pizza has committed to expand the rollout of Mobivity’s Recurrency suite to its entire network in 2018, thanks to these impressive results.

“The two things that stand out most about the Mobivity solution is the access to data and the good news that data reveals. We had more than 10,000 people join the text club in just 6 weeks, and that’s just at a small sampling of locations. To be able to quantify the rapid customer enrollment and witness a substantial uplift in customer spend based on the communications we send has been very rewarding.” – Teri Ernandes, Director of Marketing

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