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COVID-19 — Reach Employees Quickly with Mobile Messaging

COVID-19 — Reach Employees Quickly with Mobile Messaging

Now, use Recurrency™ not only to keep customers informed but also to alert employees.

Businesses across the country are grappling with how to deal with continuously morphing operations as the country recovers from Coronavirus business restrictions. We understand your need to communicate quickly, accurately, and effectively not just with customers but also with your employees. We can help! Here’s how.

No-charge staff alerts via text and receipt

To help you solve your unique operational challenges resulting from this coronavirus outbreak, we are not charging you, our current users of Recurrency Platform’s Mobile Messaging and Receipt-based communication and engagement capabilities, for our Employee Communications add on. Effective immediately, you have access to this rapid employee notifications tool, and at no cost: no strings attached.

Why mobile messaging is the best way to reach employees

The National Restaurant Association reports that 40 percent of employees in the food service industry are between ages 16 and 24. Many in that generation don’t even use email anymore, relying instead on text. This tendency is proven out in practice by the fact that mobile messaging from businesses has a 95 percent open rate, compared to email, which has only a 5 percent open rate.

How to use Recurrency for rapid employee notification

In an evolving situation, the real-time capability of messaging via smartphones is ideal for reaching thousands of employees across the globe — or reaching just those employees located in a single, isolated area — and in minutes. How this helps you:

  1. Once your employees opt in to receive text messages, you can alert them during emergencies of store closings, changes in store openings, announcing a change to curbside service only, or other operational changes.

  2. Use a message appended to the printed receipt after employees clock in/out to communicate, for example, updated health and hygiene practice, education, and reminders.

By employing this centralized platform for managing mobile communications with employees, restaurants and retailers can ensure that they are reaching them with consistent, accurate notifications within minutes. It also eliminates the burden on store managers to compile lists of employee mobile phone numbers and send frequent texts to employees when they need to communicate changes or important update.

For more ideas on how to use mobile messaging and receipts for your staff communications, reach out to your Mobivity Customer Success Manager, who is ready to discuss this, and can even walk you through how to use this , if you are not familiar with or comfortable with the process.

Not a Mobivity Recurrency customer?

We feel strongly that the need for urgent and frequent employee communications is critical right now for all companies with a distributed workforce. If you are interested in learning how you can quickly implement this solution for your company at little or no cost, please contact us.


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