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Article: Why Wingstop’s corporate shakeup is such a game-changer

Article: Why Wingstop’s corporate shakeup is such a game-changer

by Chuck Moxley

Sep 7, 2021


In an article in Nation's Restaurant News, I wrote about one QSR brand that gets that traditional mass marketing alone is going to cut it in today's complex world of consumer marketing:

Wingstop announced that it is shaking up its management organization to bring marketing and information technology closer together. Noting that 25 million consumers are now placing orders on the brand's digital platform and that 65% of orders are now digital, Wingstop stated an audacious goal of achieving 100% of orders being digital.

The bold move not only represents a major salvo in the rapidly escalating digital arms race underway in the QSR market, but it's also evidence of brands' awakening to the power of one-to-one marketing and why it's vital to focus marketing resources beyond traditional mass-marketing approaches.

To learn more about my take on the digital arms race and how one-to-one marketing is vital to reaching your customers, read the full article.

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