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Boosting Guest Loyalty With a Mobile Message Program

Boosting Guest Loyalty With a Mobile Message Program

by Mobivity

Dec 10, 2021

Insider Secret for Boosting Guest Loyalty

Stats Show Text Message Marketing Programs Increase Loyalty

Seeking greater guest loyalty? A higher rate of visits per customer? A boost in your spend-per-visit rate? Turns out that, of all of the brand-owned marketing channels, it’s text messaging that does this best, as proven in our in-depth research

We did a deep dive into three years of data: more than 500 million text message transactions sent to more than 15 million consumers from 40-plus foodservice brands and learned that (among many other things) text message program subscribers visit more frequently and spend more money over time.

And that positive impact has a lasting effect on guests after they join the brand’s text marketing program. On average, subscribers across all brands visited 23% more often over the course of their first year in the program and spent 23% more than they had the year before joining the text program. 

In this benchmark research, which included measurements and analysis on types of messages and promotional offers sent, opt-in and retention rates, click-thru rates, redemption rates, sales transactions, and other aspects of guest behavior, we also learned that text program subscribers visited 44 percent more frequently than non-subscribers.


These increases in guest loyalty, measured by improvements in visit frequency and per-visit spend averages, helps explain why more reputable brands launched a text message marketing program in 2020 and even more are launching one in 2021.

As the data demonstrates, foodservice brands can drive guest loyalty by engaging with guests on a regular and consistent basis via text messaging, staying top-of-mind with customers as they make dining purchase decisions every week.

To find out more about how to boost guest loyalty with text message marketing, download the Text Message Marketing Benchmarks report.

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