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How Texting Helps C-Stores Gain Customers & Boost Revenue

How Texting Helps C-Stores Gain Customers & Boost Revenue

by Mobivity

Mar 17, 2022

Convenience Store News just released this article, which includes insights from CEO Dennis Becker and relevant stats from our recently published. The article reveals four specific ways that leading convenience store operators are reaching out to their customers with text message marketing to attract new guests and boost revenue. Here, we highlight the article’s key points and recommend you read the whole Convenience Store News article Four Ways Text Marketing Can Help C-store Operators Attract Customers & Boost Revenue, especially if you are a C-Store operator.

The article’s four C-Store-to-customer texting strategies include:

  • Taking a multichannel approach to generating loyalty, making sure to include a text message marketing program, given its extraordinary open rates
  • Using pump-to-store strategies that incentivize gas-only customers to make in-store purchasespexels-andrea-piacquadio-3756682
  • Supercharging existing fuel and loyalty programs with a text club
  • Employing a “daypart targeting” strategy

Drive Loyalty Sign-Ups and App Downloads

Some of the salient statistics you will see in the article (sources included):

  • Text messages have a 98 percent open rate.
  • Email messages have a 20 percent open rate.
  • Strong text marketing strategies can generate 500 subscribers per store within six months.
  • Personalized offers are redeemed 14 times more frequently than one-size-fits-all offers.
  • Personalized offers increase guest frequency by 26 percent.

The article emphasizes that the four text marketing best practices for convenience stores work best when combined with an easy-to-use, trackable technology, not only to identify which campaigns generate the highest returns but also to maximize current initiatives like loyalty programs and apps and increase customer frequency and spending.

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