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Now, THIS Is How to Celebrate National Chili Day!

Now, THIS Is How to Celebrate National Chili Day!

Iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl Selects SmartMessage™ to Launch Text Program

Chili image for blog article-1No, it was not coincidental timing that the historic Ben’s Chili Bowl restaurant brand chose February 24, National Chili Day, to publicize the hot news that it has selected Mobivity’s SmartMessage to connect with its many raving fans on their most frequently used device: their mobile phones.

Ben’s Chili Bowl, a Washington DC landmark since its establishment in the 1950s, has become world famous not only for its food but for its customers, which include Kevin Hart, Chance the Rapper, DJ Khalid, Dave Chappelle, President Barack Obama, civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon, Bono, Bruno Mars, Kevin Durant, and Serena Williams.

Their recipes, popular with anyone touring Washington DC and visiting its original location, include the world-famous Original Half Smokes, Angus Beef Burgers, Veggie Dogs & Burgers, and 4 types of Chili.Picture4-2

Now, added to their recipe for continuing success is their selection of SmartMessage, the text message marketing platform of our extensible, enterprise-grade Unified Guest Engagement program, which can be shared corporate-wide and at the local franchise level.

Dennis Becker, Mobivity Chairman and CEO said, “It is an honor to work with a celebrity brand like Ben’s Chili Bowl that is diversifying its communication channels to reach guests wherever they are. We are excited to mark National Chili Day by helping kick off this program which will help Ben’s Chili Bowl connect with guests on a one-to-one level.”

Speaking of National Chili Day, if you don’t feel you adequately celebrated on the 24th of this month, we encourage you to learn more about Ben’s Chili Bowl here and get the full story behind their selection of Mobivity's SmartMessage in this press release. Picture5-2

No, you don't have to be in Washington DC to enjoy Ben's Chili Bowl food favorites: lots of their menu items are available online if you are not near one of their locations.

Recommendation: To witness firsthand how Ben's Chili Bowl is using SmartMessage by opting into their text message program. Subscribers will get messages about the brand, the food, their locations, and get special offers. You can opt in to their loyalty program options, including text communications, at


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