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Recurrency/Brink Integration Is Good News for Restaurants and Retailers

Mobivity’s Recurrency™ Integrates With PAR Technology’s Brink POS® System for Advanced Guest Insights and Personalization

If you are a retailer or restaurant chain, you have no doubt heard of PAR Technology’s Brink POS® — an intuitive and user-friendly restaurant management point-of-sale (POS) platform with integrated technologies. One of those integrated technologies in their POS system will now be our own Recurrency platform.

It’s All about Actionable Insights

This partnership with Mobivity will accelerate the digital capabilities and intelligence of PAR Technology’s customers, supercharging their point-of-sale transactions by fueling them with intelligent personalization and promotions capabilities.

With this integration in place, those restaurateurs and retailers will be able to better predict and measure the performance of their offers through our AI-powered rapid analytics of in-store and online transaction data.

Stephen Lee“The combination of Mobivity’s Recurrency platform and our Brink POS will allow restaurants to quickly understand and adapt to guest behavior using intelligent data and create personalized and branded experiences that ultimately increase guest engagement.”
Stephen Lee, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ParTech, Inc.

POS transactions will never be the same

That’s the short story. We encourage you to read the press release to fully understand the importance of this business-altering new partnership.

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