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How Roundtable Came ‘Round to SMS Marketing

How Roundtable Came ‘Round to SMS Marketing

by Chuck Moxley

Jan 27, 2021

FSR Interview: How a Pizza Chain Leveraged Unified Mobile Messaging to Grow Sales During the Pandemic 

For decades, consumers have all used SMS messaging, enjoying how it simplifies communications with friends and family. Now, thanks to pandemic-related restrictions, many restaurants are coming around to the extraordinary potential of connecting with customers using mobile messaging, not just for SMS marketing but also to grow loyalty and increase return visits.

One of those companies relying more heavily on SMS customer messaging is Roundtable Pizza. They were frustrated with their efforts to use typical digital engagement strategies, such as email or their business app.

“The challenge is that everybody’s inboxes are constantly cluttered with promotions and 40 percent of guests turn off in app push notifications,” explains Warwick McLaren, vice president of omnichannel digital marketing with Global Franchise Group, the parent company of Roundtable Pizza in a recent interview with FSR Magazine.

In campaigns powered by Unified Mobile Messaging, they began connecting to their customers via their mobile messaging apps to retain guest connections and to use SMS marketing to grow revenue. Due to their successes SMS messaging has become an increasingly central part of Roundtable Pizza’s overall marketing and digital engagement strategy. In the interview, McLaren revealed the strategies they employed, as well as the measurable successes resulting from their SMS marketing to guests.

We also encourage you to read the FSR article to learn how Roundtable Pizza modified their SMS marketing strategies after the pandemic struck and how those changes have allowed them to keep guest connections strong and even grow business in 2020. Useful info for any restaurant chain!



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