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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Text Platform Built for You

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Text Platform Built for You

Not all text marketing platforms are the same when it comes to supporting foodservice operators. In fact, you can get into a big jam if you select the wrong solution.

A good text marketing platform is purpose-built for the unique needs of restaurant operators. It should allow you to share mouth-watering imagery, GIFs, and video of your food. It should allow you to schedule broadcasts around restaurant-specific dayparts. And it should allow your brand and your franchisees to create regional and/or store-level campaigns.

You've worked hard to create a successful restaurant concept. And your text marketing platform should be designed to support that.

Your brand was built for foodservice. Your text marketing platform should be, too.

At a base level, every text marketing solution should provide:


Subscriber Management

Your platform should be able to manage thousands and/or millions of subscribers like monitoring opt-ins and opt-outs, and other basic functions.

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Message Variety

A good text marketing platform will enable you to broadcast all types of messages including basic SMS messages, images, videos, and interactive RCS.


Campaign Management

All campaigns have a lifecycle. With that in mind, your platform should be able to create, run, measure, analyze, retire, and clone campaigns.

If you’re in the restaurant business (which you are, right?), then you’ll also be looking for some features unique to the restaurant industry.

icongrowSchedules and Time Zone Management

You’ll want to schedule your broadcasts around restaurant-specific dayparts. And a good platform will automatically adjust to subscriber time zones so you can deliver offers right before break or mealtimes.


Your platform should allow your brand to create global, regional, franchisee, and/or store-level campaigns. It should also provide you the ability to use zip code mapping to further customize your campaigns.

iconcaptureCustomer Segmenting and Targeting

Your platform should also allow you to include or exclude customers from specific campaigns. That way, you can target them by offer redemption frequency, time frame, zip code, store ID number, etc.


There’s no point in running a restaurant text marketing campaign if you can’t measure it, right? A good platform will be designed to target and track your text marketing campaigns and its return on investment.

Looking for the ideal fit between your restaurant brand and a text message marketing platform? Download the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Restaurant Text Marketing Platforms to get more insider information on things you must know.

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