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Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing

Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing

by Mobivity

Mar 11, 2022

Critical Steps Restaurant Brands Must Consider to Power through Supply Chain Disruptions and Staffing Shortages

Modern Restaurant Management published today this timely article written by Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker: The Digital Foodie: Top Trends That Will Drive 2022 Restaurant Marketing. In it, Becker makes predictions on the steps restaurant marketers will likely make in 2022. Many restaurant brands weathered the storms of COVID 19 restrictions only to be slammed again by 2021’s supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages.

Based on Becker’s years of experience working with restaurants, and his observations of what leading brands are doing already, he makes several predictions and recommendations on how restaurants can continue to pull ahead in the current year in spite of these new challenges. He explains why restaurants are more likely to go all in with online ordering, make radical industry consolidation moves to create larger families of brands, adopt “ghost kitchen” strategies, and expand their audience appeal to mobile gamers.

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