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June 2021 Mobivity Product Release & Updates

June 2021 Mobivity Product Release & Updates

It’s been a busy time at Mobivity, and we’ve been cooking up some exciting new features and product updates that we’re excited to tell you about! 

Yes, it’s summertime, and the “livin’ is easy”, as they say. But that hasn’t slowed us down one bit! (Sorry, as software geeks, we couldn’t help a great pun like that go to waste.)


You probably know this as Reach Messaging, Mobivity’s smart messaging solution that was purpose-built for brick and mortar brands like yours that aims to build stronger guest relationships. Well, we recently changed the name to SmartMessage™ (makes sense, right?), and we’re excited to tell you about some other changes we’ve made that should also excite you


By now, you’re probably aware that we’re the leader in text messaging for restaurant brands like yourselves. We like to think it’s because of the unique foodservice-inspired capabilities that have won us some industry awards like the 2020 Martech Breakthrough Award for the Best Mobile Messaging-Based Marketing Solution. One of those cool capabilities that continues to draw attention is our Refer-A-Friend feature which rewards subscribers for inviting their friends and family into your text club program. 

When we first introduced this nifty subscriber-boosting feature, we thought existing subscribers would only be interested in referring friends if there was a juicy offer attached. But we’ve learned that a lot of subscribers still wanted to refer their friends (and earn rewards) even when there wasn’t an offer to share. I guess they figured the value of being a club member goes far beyond a single offer. 

So, we made the change and enabled Refer-A-Friend to be used in messaging campaigns that don’t include an initial opt-in offer for new subscribers

Of course, an opt-in offer still helps, but it’s no longer required. Cool, right?

Faster Redemptions

This next enhancement is based on some deep research we did over the last year or so where we noticed that consumers are putting a higher premium on online ordering and convenience. (Okay, it wasn’t so much of deep research as it was a big observation.) Either way, we’ve acted on that keen observation and have made it easier for subscribers to redeem their text-based offers. 

Now, when a subscriber receives one of your messages, they can click a button with an embedded link that takes them directly to your online ordering system. 

And since 48% of consumers want to reduce wait times by pre-ordering food and drinks online, we thought you would be excited to hear about this cool feature.

If that wasn’t easy enough, we also pre-populate the order form automagically with their unique offer code. 

So instead of asking subscribers to manually launch your online ordering site or mobile app, they can now click an “Order Now” button directly from your text message landing page. “Get ‘em while they’re hot”, we like to say.

Of course, they’ll still have the option to click the “Redeem Now” button if they’re in your store or manually input their promo code into your app. But with more of you telling us about the super-sized shift to your off-premise dining business, we thought it only made sense to streamline the process and make it easier for your customers to spend money with you.


The last clever feature I want to highlight here is SmartContact™. Imagine how convenient it would be if every one of your subscribers had your brand’s contact information on speed dial. Well, we can’t promise that, but we can make it super easy for them to save it to their contact list. How easy have we made this? Well, faster than it takes a drop of sauce to fall from their food to their lap. It’s that fast and easy!

How this works is that when a subscriber opts-in to your text club, they receive the SmartContact as an attachment to their opt-in welcome message. All they need to do is click on it to add you to their contact list. What makes this even more engaging is that in addition to adding your colorful logo and some helpful phone numbers, you can include links to your online ordering app or the App Store to download your mobile app. Heck, you can even provide links to your social media accounts and email club! 

Learn more about SmartContact in our exclusive product release blog.  

Unified Insights™

Unified Insights™ is the new name for Recognition, our advanced data analytics and reporting solution. This powerful analytics engine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect, clean, and normalize redemption data (and POS data when provided) to deliver deep insights into a brand’s text messaging campaigns. The more data the system collects, the more key insights we can provide into which text messages and offers are working and which ones aren’t. 

With more than 60 billion offer codes and 50 million redemptions across all of our clients, we’ve amassed a real treasure trove of information that help our clients get smarter on the type of offers they should be sending to their text club subscribers. Unified Insights, for instance, can rank order every message and offer you’ve sent and show you how each one has performed in terms of views and redemptions. 

In other words, we can tie every text message to a transaction to give you a solid view of your Return on Marketing Spend (ROMS)™. And by adding your transaction data from your POS system, you’ll have the insight to send highly targeted offers based on offer redemptions, purchase history, and guest preferences.   

Predictive Offers™

Now, Unified Insights has gotten even better with our Predictive Offers™ technology! With this enhancement, we’re introducing our Recommendation Engine that predicts redemption and provides guidance on which offers are more likely to convert across various segments of your subscriber base. By analyzing the performance of every offer you’ve run previously, brands can now get recommendations on which offers they should run in future campaigns. That’s artificial intelligence the Mobivity way!

Learn More About New Mobivity Features

If you want to learn more about these delicious new features, give us a shout by contacting your customer success rep. They can set up a quick demo for you to see everything that we’ve been up to recently.

Not a current customer? Schedule a demo with one of our textperts to see our products in action, or download our evaluation checklist to see how Mobivity stands up against the competition.

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