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Your Restaurant Promotions Are Eating Your Profits (And How to Fix It)

Your Restaurant Promotions Are Eating Your Profits (And How to Fix It)

The Problem with Restaurant Promotions

You know you’re supposed to run promotions at your restaurant brand but do you know which ones work best for your restaurant? There are many different types of coupons: dollar off, buy one get one, free item with purchase, buy 2 get 1 free, etc. But which ones move your customers to act and generate profitable revenue without cannibalizing sales? On top of that, how can you cost-effectively scale these promotions across all franchised stores? 

There are three main hurdles preventing you from maximizing the potential of your promotions:

  1. Financial impact is difficult to accurately track. One of the major pain points (arguably the biggest) with offering coupons is that revenue generated, gross profit, and cost associated with a given promotion are hard to track. If you can’t measure the success of a promotion with an accurate dollar amount, you’re basically spinning your wheels and staking the financial future of your brand on a hunch.
  2. Promotions are hard to scale. Another tricky problem is managing promotions across all stores. If your restaurant chain has 1,500 stores, or even 300 stores nationwide, summoning the manpower and time to uniformly implement the promotion across all stores is costly and carries a high potential for mistakes.
  3. Fraud and misuse prevention go unchecked. Picture this: your 16-year-old cashier invites her friends in for lunch. With the tap of a button, she hooks them up with the Buy One Get One deal your restaurant chain is running at the time even though they don’t have coupons. Now multiply this instance across all your stores and you have a problem. Not only is your employee committing theft, she’s also throwing a monkey wrench in your ability to track the effectiveness of your promotional campaign.

You need a solution that accurately tracks the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, acts as a system to implement the promotion at once across all POS systems and is set up in a way to make fraud and misuse nearly impossible. With Mobivity’s Unified Offers™, you can make data-driven decisions about your restaurant promotions, putting you in the best position to maximize profit and grow your business.

Coupons are Powerful

The power of promotions cannot be underappreciated. Your restaurant chain needs smart and targeted promotion management in order to be competitive. Coupons are a powerful motivator in where consumers choose to eat.

The Proof is in the Pudding


of consumers used a coupon in 2020.



of consumers will drive 10+ miles to a restaurant that offers deals.



of consumers seek out dining deals regularly.



of restaurant-goers search for deals before choosing where to eat.



of consumers say they use restaurant coupons.


There’s no denying that promotions get consumers to shop. The goal is to choose the right promotions and use them effectively to maximize restaurant profit. That’s where Mobivity’s Unified Offers comes in.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Promotions and Offers

Boost your promotions’ visibility

Promotions help you build stronger relationships with your consumer base. Boosting your visibility on more channels is essential for reaching as many of those people as possible, which can add up to thousands or millions of unique offers every week. Unified Offers can simplify and manage every aspect of your program and keep it running like a finely tuned makeline.

Track which offers are driving the guest behavior you want

Measuring the success of most promotions and offers is a challenge. At best, you can calculate how much an offer is being redeemed, but wouldn’t it be great to know whether your offers are actually driving incremental guest spend and not cannibalizing existing sales? Unified Offers can help by measuring which promotions are worth their salt and which are just, well, salty. It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing.

Personalize offers to build a strong brand connection with guests

By combining Mobivity's Perfect AttributionTM with AI-powered intelligence from 10 billion POS transactions and 50 million offer redemptions, you'll have the insight to serve up personalized offers that are proven to drive more loyalty, repeat guest visits, and higher average spend.

Prevent offer fraud and misuse

With Mobivity’s patented fraud protection technology, you can finally put a stop to offer fraud and abuse. Single-use and limited-use offers mean exactly that, so you won't have to worry about an employee accidentally ringing up the wrong discount or buying votes for his student body campaign by scanning the BOGO coupon under the counter for every classmate that comes in.

Optimize your marketing channel mix

With the growing mix of traditional and new digital marketing channels your brand is using, how do you know which ones are cutting the mustard? Mobivity’s Unified Offers can help you measure and compare how every offer is converting across every channel, so you’ll have the insight to know exactly which ones are bringing home the bacon and which ones are all sizzle and no meat.

What Mobivity Unified Offers Brings to the Table


  • Incorporates management and reporting in a centralized location
  • Allows easy integration with your online ordering and POS system
  • Manage millions of offers and promotions across your brand
  • Know which offers are driving the guest behavior you want
  • Know which offers are performing on which marketing channels
  • Patented fraud protection technology brings an end to offer fraud
  • Use data on prior campaign performance to personalize offers based on prior redemptions and customer preferences. And do it at scale.

Mobivity’s Unified Offers allows you to implement and manage offers for all stores and franchises in one centralized hub. This solution will help you get a holistic view of your campaign effectiveness, allowing you to drill down into performance data at many levels, and in turn mold future promotional campaigns making your business stronger and more profitable with each one.

Working with some of the most innovative brands on the planet has given Mobivity a clear view into how to solve restaurant marketing problems. Stop with the guesswork and take offer management to the next level by partnering with Mobivity.


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