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Beyond SMS: Creative Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Beyond SMS: Creative Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

by Mobivity

Aug 19, 2021

The go-to use of a text message marketing platform is to send your text club subscribers promotional messages, such as offers, discounts, and coupons. It's a terrific way to generate bounce-back visits and increase per order spending. But many restaurant brands also use the text club to build customer loyalty and to make important announcements. Here are 10 of the more creative and successful strategies we’ve seen leading restaurant brands use.

Top 10 Successful Text Message Marketing Strategies

  1. Announcements of community activities (especially those supported or promoted by your local restaurant/business)

  2. Expanded menu options (or retiring menu items — “last chance!”)

  3. Surveys (functional or fun)

  4. Transactional activities (earned loyalty points, purchase receipts)

  5. Order process messages (confirmation of an online order, instructions on curbside pickup, “order ready” messages, “order fulfilled” messages, etc.)

  6. Product, store, and service feedback requests

  7. Invitations to your social media channels

  8. Requests for store reviews (include the link to specific review website)

  9. Employment opportunities, opening positions

  10. Holiday greeting messages

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