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RCS Campaign Makes a SONIC® Boom!

RCS Campaign Makes a SONIC® Boom!

by Chuck Moxley

Nov 18, 2020

Case Study: National drive-in brand gets record-breaking results from RCS customer engagement campaign


Oklahoma-based SONIC®, America’s largest drive-in quick-service restaurant chain, was an early adopter of mobile messaging customer engagement, reaching out to their 3 million daily customers using SMS and MMS. Given their success with B2C text messaging and the impressive stats of RCS (a 5x higher conversion rate than SMS or MMS), SONIC turned to Mobivity’s Unified Mobile Messaging™ to engage their customers in the visually-rich, interactive RCS format.

The goal of their test campaign, use a swipeable product carousel to drive Order Ahead pickup orders through the mobile app.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal: a fivefold increase in downloads and threefold increase in app registrations compared to MMS. And the most important measurement: a 50% boost in purchases!

How SONIC did it is a story worth reading; download this free Google case study for details!

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