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Rethinking Marketing: Reach New Audiences in Budget-Friendly Ways

Rethinking Marketing: Reach New Audiences in Budget-Friendly Ways

Marketer's Challenge
As a brand marketer, you're faced with a daunting challenge – marketing costs are skyrocketing, outpacing marketing budgets and leaving you to look for more cost-effective solutions to reach new audiences. Fortunately, such a thing exists. Enter the world of mobile gaming, where engaged audiences await, ready to be tapped into with little to no impact on your marketing budgets. Today, we'll explore how Mobivity's Connected Rewards can help you harness the power of mobile gamers and revolutionize your approach to audience outreach.

The Power of Mobile Gaming Audiences
Gone are the days when "gamers" were teenagers solely confined to basements and living rooms. In today's digital age, mobile gaming has taken the world by storm, becoming the #1 form of entertainment and capturing the attention of millions of enthralled players. And guess what? These players range from 18 to 64 years old and are prime targets for brands looking to expand their audiences.

With Connected Rewards, you can connect with the hundreds of millions of U.S. mobile gamers who download and play games monthly. By tapping into this engaged audience, you can unleash a wave of new acquisitions at a lower cost. Imagine the possibilities when your brand offers become a part of their gaming experience.

How Will This Lower My Acquisition Costs?

Marketers can lower their acquisition costs by using their owned channels to promote mobile games and attach an offer when consumers download a new game. What's surprising to the myriad of brands who have done this is when comparing the performance of their offers without promoting a game to offers that promote a mobile game, marketing metrics like engagement, redemptions, and retention go up, and customer churn goes down. 

Even better, as each customer redeems the offer, Mobivity will reimburse the offer costs in part or full, depending on the offer. These reimbursements can also be applied to fund new acquisitions for your brand. For example, one common use case is for brands wanting to grow their loyalty members. So, an easy way to think about it is for every current customer who redeems an offer from a game download, we'll add a new loyalty member.

Unlocking Revenue and Loyalty
Connected Rewards bridges the gap between the virtual world of gaming and real-world rewards. By enticing players with real-world brand offers, you can establish a higher level of engagement with your loyalty app. The result? Increased transactions and larger basket sizes as these frequent gamers venture in-store and online to redeem their rewards earned from downloading and playing mobile games.

The 'Take 5' Challenge for Marketers

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of mobile gaming's untapped potential, here are 5 actionable ideas to help you improve your marketing results immediately:

  1. Explore Mobile Gaming Partnerships: Research mobile games that resonate with your target audience and explore partnership opportunities. Look for games with high engagement rates and a demographic that matches your customer profile.

  2. Integrate with Connected Rewards: Work with platforms like Mobivity to integrate your brand offers into mobile games. This can drive both brand awareness and direct consumer interaction with your brand.

  3. Leverage Data Insights: Use the data gathered from mobile gaming interactions to understand customer preferences better and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

  4. Create Engaging Rewards: Design rewards that are both attractive to mobile gamers and aligned with your brand values. This could range from discounts to exclusive access or products.

  5. Track and Optimize: Continuously monitor the performance of your mobile gaming partnerships and rewards. Use these insights to optimize your approach, focusing on strategies that drive the most engagement and sales.


In conclusion, as marketing costs continue to rise, brand marketers must adapt by seeking out innovative, budget-friendly ways to reach new audiences. Mobile gaming, through platforms like Mobivity's Connected Rewards, offers fertile ground for engagement, acquisition, and driving sales, all while keeping marketing budgets in check. If you'd like to talk with one of our brand strategists to implement one or more of these Take 5 ideas, click the link to let us know.

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