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Tyson Turns to Mobivity for Staff SMS Communications

Tyson Turns to Mobivity for Staff SMS Communications

by Chuck Moxley

Dec 8, 2020

Tyson Foods got hit hard last spring when one of their plants experienced a coronavirus outbreak resulting in 3 employee deaths. To prevent a recurrence of this, Tyson made major investments this fall in protective measures and technologies to safeguard their staff. Part of that safety protocol necessarily means effective and fast employee communications.Tyson Blog Image

For this, they turned to Mobivity’s Unified Mobile Messaging. Using this technology gave Tyson an important edge. Unified Mobile Messaging features that matched Tyson's strategy:

    • The ability to send out text messages in various languages
    • Broadcasting — being able to send out a message to the entire organization across multiple locations
    • Data-driven filtering of the text message send-outs, allowing a company the ability to target a specific location or employee type

Get news coverage & TV news reporting on Tyson’s actions, including the decision to use Mobivity.


Is mobile messaging the right communications channel for your business?

A growing number of leading US businesses are turning to SMS text messaging to communicate with their customers (SMS marketing) or their employees (SMS staff communications). And a growing number of these businesses are choosing Mobivity’s Unified Mobile Messaging to do this. Here’s why:

  • Mobile phones are ubiquitous worldwide. Nearly every American owns one, and carries it with them everywhere they go.
  • The mobile phone’s text messaging app is the most used app on their phone.
  • The average American texts 47 times a day, making mobile messaging the right place to display your messages whether to customers or staff.
  • Mobile messaging from businesses has a 95 percent open rate, compared to email, which has only a 5 percent open rate.

Learn more about Unified Mobile Messaging here, or reach out to us to request a demo.


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