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Mobivity Awarded Patent for Digital Redemption Technology

Mobivity Awarded Patent for Digital Redemption Technology

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded Mobivity’s Trusted Redemption™ technology US Patent 10,949,868. As part of the enterprise-grade Unified Guest Engagement Platform, this allows brick and mortar brands to accurately accept and track coupon redemptions across multiple channels at any point of sale without needing to integrate with their POS system.

“With our patented redemption technology, Mobivity can assure brands of one-time offer use, with attribution and without the need to be integrated with their POS system,” said Dennis Becker, Mobivity Chairman and CEO.


How Trusted Redemption Works

The Trusted Redemption technology is available with Mobivity’s SmartMessage™ and Unified Offers™ solutions, all part of the enterprise-grade Unified Guest Engagement Platform. The proprietary technology enables marketers to tie every text message, email, push notification, broadcast, and social media offer message to a real, in-store transaction. 

With the capability to capture date, time, and location and offer this information in real-time, brick and mortar brands can offer a seamless guest experience. On top of that, the accuracy and attribution of Trusted Redemptions allows for a precise return on marketing spend so brands can see exactly how much money each offer is bringing in (or sending down the drain).


Mobivity’s Trusted Redemption Features

Precise Promotion & Offer Attribution

Marketers can tie every message and offer to an in-store or online redemption, regardless of channel. They can analyze these redemptions nationally, regionally, or by market, franchise, or store.

POS-Independent Support

No matter what POS provider or platform a brand uses, they can set up and receive redemption data for every store. It can be used for manual redemption tracking, scannable offer codes, and other in-store or online redemptions.

Built-In Fraud Protection

To minimize unauthorized coupon sharing and redemptions, Trusted Redemption gives brands unique landing page links and countdown offer timers alongside real-time redemption support. This also allows marketers to personalize offers based on a consumer’s shopping behaviors.

Support for Advanced Attribution

Trusted Redemption has the ability to add POS data, allowing brands to match the day, time, and location of offer redemptions to POS data. This can help calculate ROI and inform promotion strategies for current and future offers.

Learn More

Learn more about Mobivity’s patent award, see the official press release. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about Mobivity’s Unified Guest Engagement Platform and how your brand can utilize this technology within your marketing strategies, get a demo today to see it in action.


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